Champion's first video on EC

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Hey guys I tried to speak English please have a look.

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  • @Champion - That's right!

  • Your  accent is  unique  as  each one of us are  and  you speak  fluently as one  would  expect  being  and  English  teacher  your self  

    all the best   and I hope more  learners  and  fluent  speakers  will do the same  and share  their link  with us ...,

  • thnx  luci ..

  • wooow... thanx this video! I understand you easily.. not a big deal and your accent is also ok!

  • today  i  will tell  you  something  about  it   right  tara?

  • Hi Champion, 

    I'm so happy to see this video. Thanks for sharing! Your English is very clear. You sound very natural.

    Can you spot a word that is out of order below? This is a common error.

    "Today I will tell you about myself something." 

  • rhnx robie..i hope u r always there in the hour of need
  • Thank you for introducing yourself, Champion! You've come to the right place to improve your English. :)

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