Be careful

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May God protect our children.

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  • Yes, I've seen it before. thank God.

    People should double-check around before starting the car.

  • Jee! Allah ka shukur! Uska zinda. Thank you very much, White Knight, for your reasonable comment.  Excuse my bad Urdu. 

  • Thank God the child is Alright.

  • Watashi no janai, Tam. That little kid was not my son, but we thank God he is alive. Thanks, Tam.  

  • Main nahI junta, Mishaikh janab. The video was sent  to me through What'app. The people take care of animals. Look at us; we do not do that to humans. It could have been an act. I guess it is a bad one. Thanks Mishaikh for your comment on that video.

  • It was miracle. It was good that your child didn't get hurt.

  • It is reckless irresponsibility. The guy should be punished.

    In Fourtedale Florida I was at Pancake Restaurant, there were different kind of birds left in the parking lot of the restaurant.  I got worried, because birds were loitering everywhere even they were resting under the parked car.  I saw people caring them while starting their cars to move from the parking lot.  But this guy either was upset or something.  He should be punished.  It also seems a setting for the sake of making movie. 

  • Khaili mumnoon Daruis! Say, may God protect our children. As mod. Robbie mentioned it is better to be alert. Thanks, Darius.

  • OH MY GOD !!!!!!! 

    I don't know what to say !!!!!!!!!!!!! 

    I want to say so many things but I don't know what should I say.  

  • Salamat mod. Robbie! Thanks for your reasonable comment. The videographer should have shouted or even through his camera or smartphone on the driver's windshield or even his face. I wonder if it is a fake video or just an act. Either way, We should be very careful and alert as you mentioned. Thanks, mod. Robbie for your guidance.

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