Algerian Weddings

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This is an example of Algerian Wedding, I made it from my wedding album photos and videos.____________________________________May you express, how is the wedding in your country?

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  • @ MoHaMeD mOeZ: Zagarwtat?! What does it mean?

    Thanks Mohamed, but really? Black? Oh! Why the henna should be black? I think it's much pretty if it's red!


  • @Ordi: Oh! That's a nice name "kına gecesi"! :D 

    We also arrange like you, but in henna night, the grooms family prepare henna and bring it to the bride's family, they make henna to the bride and celebrate, the two families sing, dance and enjoy that night together.. After that they back with the rest of henna to make it for the groom also, it's a nice tradition unites the families and even the couples with the idea of "Henna" :)


  • @Syubidupapap: Yes girl, the bride wears the traditional dress in the "Henna Night".. Traditional clothes really cost much! It's not obliged for people to wear them, they try to make it as simple as they can now, "No soul shall have burden laid on it greater than it can bear".

  • @Ida: Beautiful picture of Malaysian couple! I'm really fond of those types of dresses which have a scarf, but you know.. Here it's not a must to wear it, because the bride puts a pretty white gown on her head, as you've seen in the video.. we call it "Barnous".

  • @Oriani: I'm glad you loved it!!! :D

  • congratulation on your wedding \(^_^)/

  • A white gown? Is that what Algerian wear on wedding day?

    Here in Indonesia, we wear our traditional cloths on our wedding day.

    But anyways, congratulations!!! May your life both be filled with happiness as the day on your wedding day ^_^

  • wowwww........nice wedding video and thanks for sharing with us. I think almost the same, Here is one of malaysian wedding picture.3078146307?profile=original

  • I love it!!!!!

  • Really? what do you do in that party before the wedding day in?

    In Algeria we call it "Henna night", the groom's family come to make henna to the bride, it makes her hands very pretty!

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