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Akkal = voracious

Her mouth is small. Sent by my friend Sadig through WhatsApp . 

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  • I watched her another video, and i am sick of it.

  • I watched it again. I was wrong.

    This is a Super Suction Vacuum Cleaner! 😨😨😨

  • Vacuum Cleaner!!! 😨

    • Mum noon Muhammed! Are you sure that lady is OK by now? 

  • errr... that's crazy mukbang.. 

    • Fizzy, dya lapar banyak tetapi tidak vagus. At least, she should give herself a break to breathe. At school, they taught us to chew the mouthful throughly before gulping it. Thanks, Fizzy for your nice comment. 

  • She is simply great for managing such a great job. Not many can manage.hahaha

    • Aik minute Yantila Tzu! I do not know even how to hold those two sticks, do you believe that?

    • Yantila, aap ka Kiya haal hain? It is early dawn here. I shall reply later. Thanks anyway. 

  • Oi there,

        Why so much prejudice and xenophobia? Haven't you guys seen other eating contest around the world??? In the USA there are many types of eating competition like, eating testicles, eating spiders, eating earthworms, eating no matter what ... what matters is how much one can gulp down in the shortest time...:-)

      C'est la vie, try to enjoy it while you still can. :-)

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