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Akkal = voracious

Her mouth is small. Sent by my friend Sadig through WhatsApp . 

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  • Is it Halal dara?


    I wonder how a slim girl can eat so much food!

    and she didn't chew the food well, she swallowed the food. I have only seen such a thing in cartoons.


    • Halet chetore Saba? That is what  I was wondering about too! She is slim, and look at her mouth, slim too. Thanks, Saba for your comment. 

  • a monster girl. br...

    • Pazchalsta Winnie The Pooh! She is so slim and as you can see, her mouse is very small but,,,,,,hahaha. Thanks, Winnie for your monstrous comment.

  • yet  she is slim ...hope she will stay healthy ...;)

    • Vanakkam Nadira! It is true, she is slim and, look at her mouth, I am just wondering. 

    • Neer nalavar Nadira!  We have a saying, (eating of the weevil and no health) Your wish may come true.

  • Damn, This is horrific. How could it be possible?

    • Teeka assy Saiful, I forgot to add, do you like food contest? Thanks again. 

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