#4 What's this? ☆English Joy☆

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It's a mini lesson that will help young learners ask WHAT'S THIS? and answer it. There are also some names of toys.

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  • Oh, Onee! You're so lovely all the time:) Yes that's my voice but I changed the pitch of the recording with a help of special programme!

  • Nice doll.. :D. Is it your voice to fill the voice of doll? I like it, Anastasia.. :))

  • Thank you, Robbie!;)
  • This is marvelous! I can say that you took a lot of effort and creativity to produce this kind of video. Keep it up, Teacher Stacy! :)

  • You're welcome! It is easier to remember things when it's funny to get to know them). I hope this video is funny and interesting, I did all my best!:)

  • Thank you for another interesting lesson, Teacher Stacy! :)

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