nothing special, just a pure rational thought on the environment

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sorry for baised views... tho, that's a naked truth

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  • each comment has its own deliver that purpose, it needs to catch the audiences' attention..when the common ones doesn't have effects anymore, exaggeration is needed to get their attention despite the purpose is taken correctly or not..and it did work..u got caught by them, didn't u?

  • Chandra!!! do we, actually, have to exaggerate the things like that ???? i knew what the sentence meant at the time!! the only thing that urged me to talk about this issue is that  exaggeration!!!! haven't you read any article saying "we have to save our planet, or else it will be gone away" i'm sure, u have!!! i just criticized all the comments made on the planet!

  • so fluent and nice voice u have man!

    though i think u have failed to get the meaning of 'world to live in'..imho it doesn't refer to the planet itself but it refers to 'good environtment where we could possibly live comfortably'..e.g. when someone from slum's complaining 'no clean water, nasty apartment, do we have a world to live in?'.

    So, did u and the whole audience here miss the point or it's simply my failure in judging the words?

  • thank you, eyaLova

  • I like your video, your accent so clear to hear. It's good to improve our listening

  • thanx, DIMI

  • haha!!!! DIMI

  • i mean, U have watched""""

  • what do you think, Nawa? i have watched my video, just give it a try to guess how old i am

  • thank you, San Soroth

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