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  • I'm alive

    I'm alive

    Mmmmm ... Mmmmm ... I get wings to fly Oh, oh ... I'm alive ... Yeah When you call on me When I he… Nafis Jan 28, 2009 116 views

  • Some days are diamonds

    Some days are diamonds

    When You asked how I've been here without you I'd like to say I've been fine and I do. But we both… Nafis Jan 25, 2009 93 views

  • Peace


    There's a name for war and killing there's a name for giving in when you know another answer for me… Nafis Jan 25, 2009 100 views

  • River


    River, there are no stars in the city Here there is no telephone in the trees Beautiful days all on… Nafis Jan 25, 2009 104 views

  • A song for all lovers

    A song for all lovers

    I see them dancing somewhere in the moonlight Somewhere in Alaska, somewhere in the sun I hear them… Nafis Jan 25, 2009 120 views

  • Rocky Mountain high

    Rocky Mountain high

    He was born in the summer of his 27th year Comin home to a place hed never been before He left yest… Nafis Jan 25, 2009 102 views

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