Michael Jackson - Little Drummer Boy

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I took this video on YT because I love King of Music, genius Michael Jackson! This video is wonderful, is the symbol, the sign of love and appreciation that I feel for you all EC members and to the entire EC team. I love you all! The song is the most wonderful version that was sang ever by a special, unique, harmonious, melodious, exceptional voice of King of Music MJ. The rhythm, the amazing sounds of MJ's voice are pure artistry and have the same unique beauty, enchanting for the soul, in my opinion. Wishing you all my friends and the whole team EC a Happy New Year 2016 in health, happiness, joy full of LOVE, Peace, Faith! God bless you all! It’s All For LOVE! ~MJ

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Comment by Robbie on January 2, 2016 at 12:49

This is one of the best Christmas songs ever recorded. Thank you for sharing, Dorysa. Happy new year!

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