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Estonia beautiful nature- The Scenery

A video from youtube.

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Comment by Hanane on July 8, 2009 at 20:02
A so a wonderful aspect of our planet.
Comment by Hardi on April 26, 2009 at 18:26
Hey you're right. It really is nice sky. I chosed the videao because I liked the forrests and bogs. Well I just searched for a video about Estonian nature that I could show to my friends. I get often asked about it, but I never know, what to tell. I can just tell It's a small country, some time we have rain and some time it's sunny, Summer is nice, I love spring most. In winter it's a bit too cold and dark.. that's it. So I was happy to find a video that I liked. Well maybe my friends want to see a video about town instead... but I really dislike down... So no information about town from me!

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