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The world is a book and those who don't travel read only one page :-)

Need help in learning English? Feel free to ask me :)

Join and follow me in my groups: 



Do you want to travel and you don't know how to do it? Ask for free here:) We'll help you!


Take a candy and enjoy!



If people could make movies about themselves, mine would be like that! I made a short video about myself in order to reduce the amount of questions that I got in my PM. I hope for a mutual understanding :) and a good long-lasting friendship! :-) 

Think positive - beeeeee positive - live positive!

I have a dream. I want to travel all over the world. If you have the same dream and real actions, join me! ;-)


I have already explored (the number shows my visits): 

  1. Milano (Italy) x1
  2. Hamburg (Germany) x2
  3. Rome (Italy) x1
  4. Venice (Italy) x1
  5. Barcelona (Spain) x1
  6. Bremen (Germany) x5
  7. London (the UK) x1
  8. Cambridge (the UK) x1
  9. Sussex (the UK) x1
  10. Vienna (Austria) x2
  11. Ratten (Austria) x1
  12. Warsaw (Poland) x4
  13. Vilnius (Lithuania) x10
  14. Moscow (Russia)x1
  15. St. Peterburg (Russia) x2
  16. Kiev, and some small cities (Ukraine)x4
  17. Celle (Germany) x1 
  18. Hannover (Germany) x2
  19. Berlin (Germany) x2
  20. Tbilisi (Georgia) x3
  21. Kazbegi (Georgia) x1
  22. Signagi (Georgia) x1
  23. Batumi (Georgia) x3
  24. Bratislava (Slovakia) x1
  25. Krakow (Poland) x1 
  26. Mestia (Georgia) x1 
  27. Ushguli (Georgia) x1 
  28. Zugdidi (Georgia) x1
  29. Innsbruck (Austria) x1 
  30. Leutasch (Austria) x1
  31. Battipaglia (Italy) x1
  32. Salerno (Italy) x1
  33. Amalfi (Italy) x1 
  34. Pompei (Italy) x1 
  35. Genova (Italy) x1 
  36. Alessindria (Italy) x1
  37. Grachen (Switzerland) x1 
  38. Zermatt (Switzerland) x1 
  39. Neuschwanstein (Germany) x1 
  40. Mtskheta (Georgia) x1

I try to describe my traveling experience as much as I can and if it helps someone in traveling planning, I'll be happy to help you. 

Wish you all a good day and save journeys! :-) 




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At 10:31 on September 15, 2018, Dynan Mugiarahman said…

Thanks to accept my friends request, i really appreciate it

At 20:47 on September 14, 2018, Adaline Bala said…

Have a wonderful weekend dear Honey! Take care & Stay blessed!

At 19:51 on September 7, 2018, Adaline Bala said…

At 17:03 on August 31, 2018, Adaline Bala said…

At 19:17 on August 24, 2018, Adaline Bala said…

Have a nice weekend dear Honey! 

At 19:46 on August 17, 2018, Adaline Bala said…

At 19:57 on August 10, 2018, Adaline Bala said…

At 20:03 on August 3, 2018, Adaline Bala said…

At 20:10 on July 27, 2018, Adaline Bala said…

At 21:54 on July 20, 2018, Adaline Bala said…

Have a nice weekend dear Honey!

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Rosemary :) liked _✿HONEY_BÉÉ✿_'s blog post What's that?
Mar 22
Mishaikh liked _✿HONEY_BÉÉ✿_'s blog post What's that?
Mar 20
Glosky joined _✿HONEY_BÉÉ✿_'s group

CrEaTiVe EnGlIsH

Oh hi there! This group was created in order to improve language skills in unusual, funny and thematic way! As well as you can think that this is your BRAIN GYM - a place where you can exercise your thinking abilities and imagination.                                                  I welcome all people who want to join it  but you must obey rule number 1: free your mind and your power of imagination! The second rule is if you join this group, please, be active! No, you HAVE TO BE ACTIVE! And…See More
Mar 20
_✿HONEY_BÉÉ✿_ commented on _✿HONEY_BÉÉ✿_'s blog post What's that?
"Mishaikh, thanks. But the thing is that Internet cheating is flourishing these days. I wonder why. All people know about it. Is it just because we want to believe in miracles and princes/princesses?"
Mar 20
_✿HONEY_BÉÉ✿_ commented on _✿HONEY_BÉÉ✿_'s blog post What's that?
"Joe Essberger, when a person uses bad words and has a bad behavior - you can report him/her. If it smells cheating, it should be public.  Once I reported several members here and it was like sending e-mails to another Galaxy."
Mar 20
_✿HONEY_BÉÉ✿_ commented on _✿HONEY_BÉÉ✿_'s blog post What's that?
"Glosky, Yep!"
Mar 20
Mishaikh commented on _✿HONEY_BÉÉ✿_'s blog post What's that?
"Ignoring is the only way to get rid of them.  That is what I experienced. Happy travelling Honey"
Mar 19

Josef Essberger commented on _✿HONEY_BÉÉ✿_'s blog post What's that?
"Why didn't you just report the member instead of making a big song and dance about it?"
Mar 19
Glosky commented on _✿HONEY_BÉÉ✿_'s blog post What's that?
"let us all be careful of those whose intention is to inflict harm to innocent people. "
Mar 18
_✿HONEY_BÉÉ✿_ commented on _✿HONEY_BÉÉ✿_'s blog post What's that?
Mar 18
_✿HONEY_BÉÉ✿_ commented on O. M.'s blog post Do not look for suffering where there is none, or why I do not believe in virtual relationships.
"Well, I use the Internet only for work and searching for ideas for my lessons. And movies - yes, I love movies and music. That's all. I want to clean my life and throw away all the digital rubbish. I guess I can't anything else so enjoy…"
Mar 18
_✿HONEY_BÉÉ✿_ commented on O. M.'s blog post Do not look for suffering where there is none, or why I do not believe in virtual relationships.
"The Internet is the biggest evil in the world."
Mar 17
_✿HONEY_BÉÉ✿_ commented on _✿HONEY_BÉÉ✿_'s blog post What's that?
"MA NO, so that's why I wrote about it. Mishaikh, I know. I bet there are people that are naive."
Mar 17

MA NO commented on _✿HONEY_BÉÉ✿_'s blog post What's that?
"Hello Honey, its been a while I didn't see your posts :) She is just one of spammers that come up here time to time and mess around but you know that not only Mods but also regular members can report them while Mods are offline. Its not only…"
Mar 17
Rose Iris commented on _✿HONEY_BÉÉ✿_'s blog post What's that?
""She" is still a member and right now online here on MyEC. Today, Sunday, 17 March, 5:15 pm last seen."
Mar 17
Mishaikh commented on _✿HONEY_BÉÉ✿_'s blog post What's that?
"These are spams Honey. Don't pay attention at all.  I have been deleting these msgs even from my inbox and email boxes. Do not even open any such messages.  Sometime they are virus oriented.  Thanks for your concern."
Mar 17

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♥ No more counting money....we`ll be counting stars ♥

_✿HONEY_BÉÉ✿_'s Blog

What's that?

Posted on March 17, 2019 at 5:52 22 Comments

I guess we should be more careful with such users. Where are all moderators? I bet you should block this user as it is a pure Internet cheating. Some people may believe, write an email and then lose their money, personal information, etc. …



Posted on April 24, 2016 at 10:09 40 Comments

Good afternoon. 

I guess many famous authors and writers created their novels because they wanted to share their feelings and emotions with this world. Seems that many people who practice blogging have the same intentions. I suppose that right now I'm doing the same. 

It's not a secret that we all start living our real life when we are not as tasty and juicy as a fresh peach because you can realize and find your own way only when you have a great life experience (though it can…



Posted on January 31, 2016 at 8:06 10 Comments

Hello, people of the world. 

Traditionally I write blogs after my trips so I'm doing it right now. In January 2016 I decided to go back to Bremen (Germany).

NB: as usual, all photos are taken by me :) 

My previous trip to this cosy German city in summer is here: http://www.myenglishclub.com/profiles/blogs/opening-this-world-bremen-2015-germany




Posted on January 26, 2016 at 18:24 27 Comments

Hi everyone! 

I analyzed some things on my way home today and I came to one conclusion: life is difficult and hard only because of you...only because you want to see it. But why? Because if I complain that I have some problems, someone will pity me or help me and I'll get my portion of attention and care. Can't I get this another way? 

Terrorists, bombs, rapes, criminals, lack of money, diseases, fights, conflicts, loneliness, sadness, disability to smile when you want cry, bad…


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