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Writing challenge # 13 from Tara, An interview with Mehdi

Hi Mehdi,

Thank you so much for spending time to answer my questions.

Kieu : What is the most influential person to change your life to be better or sucessful?

Mehdi: It is not easy to say who is the most influential person on my life. I think one of my sisters is the most influential one. She has been so kind to me and I like her too much.
When I listen to her advices I will be pleasant and when I don’t ,I will be remorseful.

Kieu: What opportunities has she/he helped you?

Mehdi: She has been helping me a lot. Like a mother she was washing my clothes and helping me in my homework.

Kieu: What is your relationship with him or her now?

Mehdi: As I told, she is my sister and now she has her son to take care. She is a mother but she was really like a mother before she had her baby.

Kieu: Why did he or she affect you?

Mehdi: These are not just the heroes in the stories who are influencing us. Sometimes we can’t feel the sacrifice which our parents, sisters and friends show to us. I think she has thought me to be kind with her sacrifice toward me.

Kieu: Do you think that your life would have been changed by another way if you had not met him or her? and why?

Mehdi : yes.Of course if she didn’t help me I couldn’t be successful in my studding.

Thanks again, Medhi for joining with me in this interview, and all the best coming to you from now on.

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Comment by Kieu on December 5, 2009 at 0:11
Thank you for your comment, Tara.
Please let me fix the sentence as Tara's advice, Mehdi.
Thank you.
Comment by Tara Benwell on December 4, 2009 at 17:31
Great writing! I didn't catch this interview. Please take Salim's advice and add a link from the Writing Challenge post on my blog so that others can find your interview!
Here is an editing challenge for you: Can you fix this sentence?: "I think one of my sisters is the most influencer."

By the way: I just added Writing Challenge #14. I hope to see you there too!

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