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Wordless Wednesday, Number, Something X!

A "Wordless Wednesday" also from me after-after of a long while!


Please look these photos attentively and give your thoughts.

And-or tell us how would you title, or what description would you give to them.





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Comment by Kaoru on August 30, 2011 at 1:24

I hope it is nothing wrong but a proof of being a stupid anime otaku! =P

But even if it is so, I hope you will get full of energy soon!!

Comment by Hardi on August 29, 2011 at 7:54

It's too late for me, but Thank you for the long comment, Kaoru. I think I really saw it just only now. ^_^


Thank you your comment also too Fizzy. ^_^


I rarely bicycle in dark. Haven't cycled in night time about 15 years. :P But the lights are necessary in all bad visibility conditions. In Heavy rain, fog.. too little day light. This summer I couldn't bicycle as much as I wanted, because had poor health. Probably I had some flue, or smth.. Got some hearth problem blood pressure thing, from wrong training menu, or over training. I hope I get absolutely fine soon. Don't know. A cold or flue should heal with in week, but it seems like I have some annoying symptoms already too long. Went to doctor, cave a lot of different blood samples and made even x-ray of lungs, but they were all okay... So it's probably really just cold, or flue or smth. It's only good thing is that, the Japanese saying tells that only stupid can get sick at summer, so it would mean, that I'm stupid. That makes me very happy. ^_^

Comment by Fizzy on August 29, 2011 at 0:38

oh no... i'm melting... shut the light off... 



Comment by Kaoru on May 29, 2011 at 13:42

Here are the information and the data that I looked at on the internet.

In Japan,
Head light must be the white or light yellow colored one that you can see an obstacle 10 meters ahead of a road. Tale light must be the red colored one that someone can see from 100 meters behind at night. Reflector must be red or orange colored one that can reflect the light from 100 meters behind at night. 
I bet your head light is definitely bright enough ^_^

By the way, you ride on your bike even when it is getting dark? Or at night? If so, in terms of being protected against car accidents, tale lights are more important than headlights. I can't say for other countries, but in Japan, 15〜17% of all the bicycles have the lights on. That is so dangerous, right? 

Anyway, I also found some videos about vintage bicycles. You can see lights, horns, hubs, shifters, etc.

Vintage Bicycle Accessories: Dérailleurs —powered by eHow.com


At the very end of the video, this old guy says:

if on a collectible older bike, a Japanese derailleur is not going to be a valuable derailleur.

When I heard he said that, I felt a little bit sad T T

Comment by Hardi on May 25, 2011 at 18:40

Thank you, anela, Nadiyah, Lucy and Natasha. I liked all of your titles. ^_^ Now it's a week passed and I should normally annunciate winner, but I think I leave it still opened. Then anyone who come here next can also suggest a title.


Well, if I was name it by my self. Then maybe I would name it as "Solidarity to Cars". Because the topic that I was photographing, was the headlights and being visible.: I call it as The solidarity to cars, because traffic law defines that cars must have the lights turned on in any weather doesn't matter whether it's day time or night. But for bicycles it's only mandatory in dark or in bad visibility.


It's actually hard for me, to decide when the lights could be useful. When they could increase my visibility to cars. Although the bicycle light is very bright, it little hurts eye when point it directly to eye. The light it's self is so small.. Maybe about 6 times smaller than car's light. So would it really be visible from distance in day time? How about when it's cloudy? I know the red rear light may increase the distance where u could notice a cyclist a lot. There once was a bicycle ridding front of me who had it's rear blinking eye switched on. I noticed it from about kilometer away. But cyclist to rarely use lights, so I don't have any comparisons... Therefore I was photographing the front light, thought that it might give me some idea how bright it is.. It should affect the photo when a strong light is directed to camera. But seems like from a meeter away, it didn't have much effect. From closer it already had effect... So I'm not sure about it.


In this picture the background looks pretty dark since camera turned expose time town because the bright light.


Here can only see lights.


And here is the head light switched off.

Comment by Natasha on May 21, 2011 at 11:51

 #1: The conqueror of long roads has had a quarrel with his loyal friend! 

#2: The loyal friend is observing in cool blood  on the conqueror crying... T T 

Comment by Lucy on May 19, 2011 at 5:28

 You are my best friend all the time. or
 I love be with you anytime.

Comment by Nadiyah on May 19, 2011 at 0:28
Sorry, I'm in tiring day ... don't bother me please

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