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This country is hot, I thought. It isn’t like the place where I come from. The sun is about to set from the clear sky and it is warm enough to take the thunderstorms from my heart away. “How are you?” she asked without turning round. “Are you all right?” “No,” I said carelessly and turned to face her in a dull way. Indefiniteness is a true killer. It makes us impatient and causes more troubles. We both know we have to move forward, and come up with better ideas. Maybe, we need a miracle. We helplessly need somebody to tell us all these what happened were a joke. I seriously wish there was a go-back button on my brain because, I keep thinking there is no way out from this. Where is this road taking me to?

(Six days ago)

I saw my rescuer’s silhouette in the darkness. Suddenly, a hole opened up inside me, the hole became wider and wider. Who was this man and why did he save me? Just as suddenly as it had opened, the hole inside me closed up when I saw a smile on my rescuer’s face. There were plenty of questions I wanted to ask, but all I remember was when I woke up, I was in another place and right beside me was my Twin. I gradually found out that I was brought here. I was surrounded by a bright light now. The place and being with a person I love made me feel secure and peaceful.

It had been some days since we were waiting in this house. Why waiting rather than taking an action? Weren’t we supposed to take revenge for Anele? Time was running and waiting was the true killer itself. But, what to do?


We came to a cottage. It was left in total darkness. Inside was in a worse situation. It seemed like we were those first people who came here after a very long time. “Now we must rest,” Syubi said, picking up the sheets on the furniture. “We will think of what to do tomorrow. Are you hungry?”

The pain. This pain is not like anything else. Since the incident, time has passed so slowly for me. Tears of anger began to flow down my cheeks. They were murdered. I was saved though I wish I wasn’t. I couldn’t do anything for them. I feel so desperate. “Maybe I will have to kill myself eventually, but I will kill her first. I promise on Anele’s and my Twin’s memories that I will kill Asma first!” I was drifting into a deep sleep and those were my last conscious thoughts. I remember I repeated it even in my dream.

(One week and some hours ago)

“Here you are, you ugly birds!” said Nida suddenly appearing behind us. Have you found my album? I suppose I wanted you to read it; otherwise, why would I have left it out? I wanted you to know what I can do when I am angry!” Nida went on, shouting angrily. Her face was as dark as the sky without any stars. Evil terror rose up in her. It wasn’t at all surprising that she lost her temper and made the situation threatening for us. The console next to the wall was quaking under her hands and it made a frame fall onto the floor and break into pieces. She looked at it, then at us, and her face twisted. Her wrinkles seemed frightening more than ever. She grasped the knife and threw it into the air as if there she was fighting with people trying to pull her back. It took some seconds she carelessly caught Anele and stabbed her from the throat. Anele fell onto the floor barely breathing, lying there motionlessly. “Now look what you’ve made me do!” Nida yelled. There was a pause, a terrible silence for a few seconds, then she sighed. “I suppose I’ll kill you, too. I don’t want to leave anybody left.”


The morning is, however, breezy and dull. There is a disquieting feeling inside me. Yesterday, however, I have managed to keep it at the bay, now this bedeviled feeling is with me again. I wonder if I have left anything else to accomplish in this life. Where I am doesn’t really matter now. What matters is that all my beloveds are far away now – too far. I keep thinking, and it makes me misled. Maybe, I should just stop this for a while and listen to them. Today, we are going to meet an important person as he said yesterday. I hope to find some answers – finally, today

to be continued…

To read the third part of the story click here...

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Comment by sofia on May 12, 2013 at 19:37

nida killed Anele i see , situation so sad now

Comment by Yasemin on December 29, 2012 at 19:37

@ Nido,

So, you have no idea about the end? I thought you could guess it. By the way, many people including you have a misunderstanding about a part. It's not very important but still makes me laugh at you. lol You will see the real fact in the 3rd part.

Comment by Yasemin on December 29, 2012 at 19:29

@ Syubi,

You can put the story on your blog. But... all rights are reserved, you have to mention my name saying a very wise friend wrote this. kekeke

Comment by nida on December 27, 2012 at 22:14

An I'll return ASAP to give a reply to my enemies here.....

Comment by nida on December 27, 2012 at 22:12

A great thanks to all the friends who asked for my version of 2nd part. I'm much obliged for your love.

However, as you must have noticed that Yas keeps on jumping between past and present, it's almost impossible for me to follow her. You know, she have got those vampire powers and it isn't difficult for her to do so. Where as I'm a simple human being, who haven't even got a time machine. :D

Other reason is that, many characters are still covered in mystery and I don't know how ugly bird is going to end this story. I can't read her mind. That's why, it's really impossible to write something, at least at this stage.

Comment by Syubidupapap on December 27, 2012 at 1:11

BTW, what do you mean by "Can I put it in my blog?"

Well you know... that hehehenny thingy :P

And about my malicious attitudes.. go on, just tell the world. I don't care -_-

Comment by Yasemin on December 26, 2012 at 21:13

@ Dear first psycho's assistant Asmo, why don't you have fun on your last days? Have you written your farewell blog yet? Though, I doubt if there is anybody who is willing to read it! -_-

Comment by Asma on December 26, 2012 at 20:55

@ My dear killer, that was just a dream,wake up,please!!

You are alone,now! bye Anele and your twin! KeKeKe

Comment by Yasemin on December 26, 2012 at 20:51

Nido's partner psycho Asmo, how dare you talk here! -_-

Don't you know I will kill you!! kekeke

Comment by Asma on December 26, 2012 at 20:49

@Yaso's twin, aren't you supposed to be dead? -_-

Where is angel nida ? :)

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