Is " Time "  the same for all the people? 

    Does it have the same meaning for you or for one who is suffering from serious cancer where there is no hope to live more than two weeks? 

    Is it the same for a little baby or for a very old man or lady?

    Is it going one with the same speed when we are full of joy or full of sorrow?

    I am sure most of us have thought that the feeling of the time can't be the same for all the people, situations and ...

    So it can be related to some different factors. Maybe some of us have tried to think of the nature of time as a mysterious truth.  What I call as the QUALITY of the time.

    What's your idea?  what factors can affect the quality of the time? what can prolong it or shorten it?  what can increase its speed of going on or slow it down?

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Comment by NotAClue on October 28, 2018 at 14:22

Hey, Darius, it's a very interesting topic, thank you. :-) 

Here is my answer. The more I think about the quality of (my) time, the less I have. ;-) 

I don't have that perception of time. For me it's always now. I don't feel that time goes faster or slower...   Now what means quality? For me, I would just call it a good time. Well, every time I feel alive... Being outside, breathing deeply, taking all the beauty in, being active (in a relaxed way) walking, gardening, alone time, playing the piano, writing some notes down when I like my improvisation (I'm an amateur), talking with loved ones, leaning on someone's shoulder that I can trust, having friends over, discussing all kinds of issues, making someone a little something, laughing, laughing..., taking care of loved people, feeling trust and safety, feeling all my feelings and express through something creative, making fun of myself, trying things for the first time despite all fears...  My list goes on endless! ;-)  

Whenever I spend my moments in a conscious receiving and grateful way, I feel blessed and everything is just perfect. :-) 

Comment by Mayumi on October 27, 2018 at 22:17

Hi Darius, 

This is really a very good topic. Thank you for bringing us this kind of discussion as you know I am also wanting to know what really is time and what we can call quality time.

Yes, I think one of the aspect of the quality of time is 'who are we using the moments. Are we using it properly to form quality relationships to our loved ones, to our friends, to nature, to our Supreme Being, to ourselves.

Some long time ago, I watched an interview in Oprah. She is interviewing Echart Tolle. And I am very fascinated about how he described Time. He says, the only time that we have is the Now, the present moment. The past and future are only illusions of the mind. Every moment in the Past, has passed the moment in the Now. Every moment in the Future will be passing through the Now. So the only time that is existing is the Now. Therefore, we have to value the moments in the Now more than the past or the future. Be friend and ally of the present moment. Be truly experience the time that the moments offers. As what I experience when I stare the magnificient old mango tree at the side of the road. At that moment, I am struck in awe of this living thing. It is big, tall, beautiful tree. Words are not enough to describe that tree. At that moment, I feel connections to this thing maybe because as it is I'm also a living thing. I'm also part of something that is indescribable but you know it is there. Maybe it's the energy. Maybe it's the Source. Maybe it's the Life.

Have you ever felt that way, Darius about being in the moment? 

Comment by Darius on October 27, 2018 at 20:46
Oh my God !
Mayumi !!!!

What a poetical comment it is !

A very nice meaning for the Quality of the time .

A very nice point ! Moment as the basic unit of the time . And the most important thing is "" who we are using the moments ?"" It can defines the real the quality of the time .
Thank you for your nice comment !
Comment by Mayumi on October 27, 2018 at 14:50

Time Quality is being in the moment. 

Being in the moment of when I take delight in sipping my hot coffee every morning. Smelling it's aroma, savoring the bitterness  of the coffee, tasting the sweetness and the creaminess of the milk in it.

Being in the moment of when I stare at the old big mango at the side of a busy road. When I sigh to myself on how magnificient this thing is. Of how it has been the witness of the changing time and seasons, generations by generations.

Being in the moment of when I wonder how big is the Universe is and how little tiny dot I am. How does it all began and how will it all end.

Being in the moment of sorrow when a love one suddenly left this world without a proper goodbyes. Feeling the pain of emptiness. Understanding the moment. Not surrendering, not fighting but allowing..because it is what it is. 

Time quality is when we value, we ponder, we allow ourselves to be truly experience the time 'in the moment'. 

Comment by Sarah on October 6, 2018 at 12:44

You got my point very well :)

When we can't hold onto something (time) and can't change the situation better to enjoy it, and as you said make new memories. 

Comment by Darius on October 6, 2018 at 9:34

Thank you  Sarah  for sharing your nice idea ! 

As you said " TIME  " is  a basic quantities and it's the same for all the creatures  physically. according to your idea what can change the time quality for people is the way they are using it . that's what we call as " Blessing or Felicity "  or what in Arabic is called as "Barekat" .  It means  the management   you apply to get the most output  In exchange for less  input . What you  mentioned as "not to waste the time ".

Comment by Sarah on October 6, 2018 at 1:09

First of all I appreciate your thoughts that you write this blog, Thumbs up for you Darius.

Second, Yes I guess time is the same for everyone but we have different circumstances. What we should do is, not to waste time because its so precious once its gone you can't have it back. So try to make most of with your life, we should not think that if we get that perticular thing we will be happy after that. And spend your time on productive things so you won't regret later. 

Like I am here because not sleepy, So I came here, read your blog and commenting :D 

Comment by Darius on September 19, 2018 at 13:45

Oh my God ! 

Thank you Trap ! to tell the truth I was looking for such personal experiences about the " Time quality "  . We can classify  these   experiences  and compare them to be able to get a useful result . . Thank you for sharing your experience . 

Comment by Darius on August 17, 2018 at 7:53

WOW! Thank you Onee- chan 

Yes! that's what I am trying to know. Maybe experiences about what I call it as TIME QUALITY. What you said is one of those feelings that you have experienced directly and you told about SATISFACTION as criteria for evaluating the time. Nice idea! 

Thank you  

Comment by Darius on August 17, 2018 at 7:49

Thank you! Janeth 

Thank you for your nice comment and very nice point of view. Yes! you are right physically is the same for all (not just for men) as other basic physical quantities. As you said it's related to our mind and feeling.  Mass is a basic quantity but we feel it as Weight. I am looking for the secret of such feelings. you know it seems there is a translator in our mind and it should translate these quantities to another language for the natural or social life of ours. 

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