Well, I have been a member of EC since 2009 and many of you know me well enough. And I tell you, before joining EC I searched through all the network. There is no site like this! I am happy and proud of being one of its members. There were active and passive periods of my being EC member, but I have always been  aware of what is going on here. I believe, you don't think I am postng this blog because Danny is my husband. I am posting it as we both are teachers.

Teachers are to teach and they invest all their lives in the process of education hoping to see students gain knowledge. But when we feel indifference of our students or their desire to use the knowledge they got to make everything worse than it is, we get frustrated, disappointed and even angree.

Knowlege and common sense are light and power, while their absence is darkness and helplessness.

I will not ask you why you killed my husband with your indifference. He had been killed by his university before. Danny is one of the best teachers I have ever seen. He has been cut out for teaching. I am a teacher, too but if I were a man, I would take off my hat before his capabilitiy of understanding his students and explaining their mistakes in his way! You should have heard his lectures!

And I wonder you made him leave.

So, it is OK, but my man is suffering because of being killed with your indiffernce. He would gladly die fighting for his ideas but he can't stand indifference to learning.

Please, don't kill great teachers! You will feel sorry for that sooner or later!

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Comment by Tanya on June 8, 2017 at 10:07

Dear Rose, no problem! You don't sound arrogant, everything is OK and this discussion will "die out" itself like any other.

Comment by Rose Iris on June 7, 2017 at 18:23

Hello Tanya,
it wasn't my intention to stop your discussion in general. I am aware it's your discussion and you have the right to tell us to stop.
I just wanted to express we should argue but no one should do it in personal way.  With drama I didn't mean your topic, just the heat of the words between the discusser. That's all.

I am sorry,  I didn't want to sound arrogant, you are right it was outside of my  competencies. I have deleted my last comments.

I wish you all still a constructive discussion. I am out!

Comment by Tanya on June 7, 2017 at 11:51

Dear Risty, to say the truth, you have nothing to do with Dan's decision and it is not your fault at all. In fact, it is nobody's fault. It is his own reaction to the last events in his life and on EC. Just for you to know I don't mind his having a few illegitimate kids!  It is better than not to have any! Hahaha! And I tell you, he growls loudly, but doesn't bite!

Comment by Tanya on June 7, 2017 at 11:32

Dear Sulung, thanks for your nice comment. My group is still active and you are welcome.

Comment by Tanya on June 7, 2017 at 11:30

Dear Mary, I don't know why you took me wrong but let me say again the idea of my blog is different from what you mean. Danny just turned out to be such a comfortable whipping boy for me to express my mind about EC members attitude to learning. I can't disagree that creativity is a part of working any job, you are right and I don't consider your being annoying. I do like your straightforwardness either you care or not. But you see, posting this blog I wanted to remind EC members of the original AIM of this site, i.e., learning and teaching English. Yes, Danny was very popular here but I don't mean others' attitude to HIM personally and I don't mean anyone personally. What I mean is that EC is turning into a gerular social network instead of being the educational center. For you to know, only 2 people took part in Dan's two last writing chalenges although such activities have always been popular here. Both challenges were exciting but didn't cause any interest. And let me tell you again that Dan himself is out of the question. The question is why EC didn't react to his challenges.

If you don't care what is going on here, it is your right. But it has always been teachers' business to think about learners'gaining knowledge.

Comment by Tanya on June 7, 2017 at 10:57

Dear Rose, with all my respect, it is me who started this blog and it is for me to decide when to stop the discussion. I don't see any drama in expressing our minds on education and EC events. Excuse me, but I have to answer Mary and others.

Comment by Muskan on June 7, 2017 at 8:05

Mary I am really not after fight. Respect came into question when I read these lines
"it happens that you guys don't teach just because you want to but because you love praises and recognition?? You guys really need people here licking your asses for coming to do something that you're supposed to love/like to do??"
They don't expect flattery but they expect a respectful environment.
Again this blog was written to point that people are losing interest in learning and rather taking it as a social site. I have seen group of Jeopardy halted cause people were not participating with that interest anymore.
And recently yes there was more focus on how people are leaving.
I know you are a bit agitated and taking it all on you and trying to defense but we all were somehow responsible to make a teacher feel that this place was no more worth of his assistance.
Anyway, I am stopping it here. As it is again turning into drama.

Comment by Risty (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ on June 7, 2017 at 7:37

Thanks, Tante Rose, how forgetful can I get. I want Sir Danny back as well. Even if that will mean I have to talk back to him again, and even if he will crush my confidence again. I want him back here. 

Comment by Risty (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ on June 7, 2017 at 6:50

Dear Teacher, I think I’m guilty of those indifferent. I tried to join his activities here but sometimes if he gets so frustrated of my failures—well you know his ways very much—and as an inferior student I will just evade all of this and that from him. My opinion about his teaching is a no secret here, as well as my opinion about his person. I value his efforts and the time he had invested for us to learn—esp. for a slow learner and grammar slayer like me. On the contrary, even if I don’t usually join I always set a schedule to read his blogs (explanatory and exams). I will try to prove him his efforts will not be/ will not go in vain. I think the best reward we could give and he could receive are our IMPROVEMENTS and the APPLICATION of what he had taught us.

Teacher, please send my regards to him. 

Comment by MARY on June 6, 2017 at 22:07

Tanya, you said you 'don't blame anyone'?? Oh yeah, that's why you changed the title of your blog. Okay whatever you say. We are not gonna agree anyway and I'm tired to argue with everybody.

About how I also need feedback in my job, yes, you're right. Of course I also like when other ppl recognize my job. But that doesn't make me miss the point of why I do what I do. And btw, the "result of my job" is not to see the final artwork as you say, but to notice the progress of the work (and yourself) in a never ending learing process. That happens with many other jobs too, like teaching. To see the 'evolution' of my artwork, same as you see the 'evolution' of your students, that's what matters. And don't tell me you don't need to be creative as well! Creativity is not important only for 'artistic fields'!! I can't believe I even have to explain that... Creativity is important for any work and for any facet of life. To be able to 'think outside the box' is the best skill you can have, and the best teachers, the most motivational ones, are always the most creative. Believe me, I also know pretty well how is the job of a teacher, better than what you probably could imagine, so at least give me the benefict of the doubt because even if you don't get it, I know what I'm saying and why, but I'm not gonna explain it here 'cause is a private info.

Tanya, I just wanted to say my opinion and you should know already how I am: I don't like to 'sugarcoat' what I think and since you and Danny boast of not to like hypocrite 'sweet' people, I thought you could appreciate someone coming here and talkin' straightforward and without 'filters'.

But really, I don't mind whether you agree or disagree or if you think I'm an annoying b*tch. But I just hope that at least you can understand, how UNFAIR is to write a blog saying that people here were indiferent to Danny's work when I've always seen people being grateful in Danny's blogs or in his wall; I've always seen people being active in his activities (noticing that EC activity is in general very 'limited') and even people who weren't active in his blogs recognized Danny's work. Just to refesh your mind, remember that I made a blog where people voted Danny as 'Star of the Month'... there I voted for Danny too, because believe it or not, I've always appreciated his work too. Read there the nice things ppl said to Danny and his work and then come here to tell again how ungrateful and indifferent were people here with Danny... It's really unfair, Tanya. But it's okay, you can also keep clapping Muskan instead and keep thinkin' that EC members are indifferent and I'm the worst b*tch of Ec for having such a big mouth.

Muskan, I see you don't know anything about my work since you don't even know how to call it ('cartoonist'?? as if we were in 1950?)  Anyway, as I said in my reply to Tanya, I'm not here for explaining my life but I assure you that, unlike you (you don't know how is my job since you can't even call it right) I know pretty well both fields and I also know why I compare them. And btw, a teacher 'needs' respect?? No Muskan, everybody 'needs' respect, not just teachers... what stupid argument is that? 

But now plz, enlighten me and tell me how I 'disrespected' Danny's work. I showed my 'disrespect' to Danny's work in this blog I wrote, maybe? Did I harass him too? Woah! Definitely, I'm the worst b*tch of EC. Sorry, I don't really get your point... if you have any. I just see you're good copying/pasting, but always mentioning the resource, ofc. Thanks for that.

English learner, I don't like that Danny left and I don't like that you came back.

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