The Sink that Leaked make me Laugh Today

I am laughing telling my roommate the incident which happened back when I was a university student doing my bachelors. The incident was about the the sink (which was there to wash the utensils) near to our room and that used to leak. Our room was on the first floor and it had four beds (for extra information). Unfortunately our cabinets were not very spacious to fit our large suitcases in and we used to keep our suitcases under our beds. The water often used to come inside our room when that sink leaked and there was no barrier (I don’t know what exactly that thing is called) that could prevent the inward flow of water to the room. Every time sink leaked and we had to put a lot of effort to stop the water outside. We failed most of the times and water used to come our room as a guest that is not invited (hehe). I remember many times cleaning the whole corridor and draining the water to the nearby washroom. This was actually a team work. We (roommates) used to do that collectively as it was very hard to wipe the whole room and corridor filled water alone.
One night I went to my friends room (which was on the same floor but on the opposite side) to spend some time with her and slept there as it was off the very next day. In the morning, I saw my roommate’s message in my phone which said that “Girls the flood has hit the room and the suitcases under our beds are drenched. Kindly come to room to see the mess”. (This message is the one I cannot forget, every time I remember this I burst into laughter, in urdu it was like “Khwateen room may sailab achuka ha, bed ka nechay saman taqreeban beh chukka h. aap say guzarish h ki akar halat ka muayina karan”. The urdu speaking people can understand why I laugh).
OMG I run to my room to see the whole situation. Alas!!! my big suitcase was drenched and suck the whole water as it was thirsty for ages. My shirts, trousers, sweaters and scarves also quenched their thirst. I carried the bag upstairs to balcony with the help of my youngest roommate and spread those out on the long wire hung for drying the clothes. I also kept my suitcase on the balcony to get that dried. The clothes and suitcase was super dry till the evening. I took a sigh of relief and brought them back to my room.
This whole incident came to my mind today as we felt that one of our filled bucket is leaking (Nowadays we have shortage of water in our hostel, so we keep water in buckets for difficult times. By the way this is another hostel in which currently I am living in). My roommate noticed that and said hey look at over here, where does this water on the floor came from? We came to conclusion that one of these buckets is leaking.
The point is, the thing i.e. leaked sink that annoyed us very much made me laugh today and it does every time I remember that incident. I miss those days. We used to complain by saying that what the hell is this!!! How many times we have to clean the whole corridor? Why don’t they fix it? Are we maids haha etc etc.
Moral: This is more like a conclusion than moral. The leaked sink did many things for us which at that time we could not apprehend. That are as follows:
1. Collective Work: That leaked sink forced us to work together (to drain water).
2. Communication: We used to communicate to one another while doing that. That was the source of communication otherwise we were by our ownselves, least bothering to talk to one another.
3. Homely Feeling: That leaked sink made us feel that we have something in common. That feeling was above all. Like we have the feeling for our own homes. Every member of home cares for it. In the same way we used to care for our room. That feeling of home was awsome.

Note: The words in Urdu Language are not the same as hers, I mean word by word (I don’t remember her exact words) but the context was same. The other thing I want to confess is that there was an additional thing which aided the flood and that was leaked water cooler also installed near to my room 

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Comment by Rosemary :) on August 11, 2018 at 8:39

     It's your positive  way of thinking   , that  have made it a great experience  

Comment by Onee-chan on August 11, 2018 at 6:50

Problems make people united or separated. It's the second. 

"Congratulations!" It's a great feeling! 

Thank you for sharing, Umeed! Keep writing! :)

Comment by Roman on August 10, 2018 at 14:46

Do you mean Aquarius?

Thanks! :)

Comment by umeed on August 10, 2018 at 11:43

hahah roman yes you are right insaying that. water issues are chasing me. As i am aquarian haha

that message was funny as it was written in the funniest way.

i like you comment :)

Thanks for commenting

Comment by Roman on August 9, 2018 at 22:36

Hi, Umeed!

It means, the water issues chase you, wherever you are :D

What was so funny in that message?

Did it contain the swearing words, for the sake of emphasizing the situation? :)

Comment by umeed on August 9, 2018 at 9:09

thank you bet

Comment by bet on August 9, 2018 at 9:02

Hahaha...funny indeed! Thanks for sharing!

Comment by umeed on August 9, 2018 at 5:02
Thank you dara gino
Comment by dara gino on August 8, 2018 at 21:09

Bahut acha hain, Umeed. Responsibility can be learned in many ways. It was a good thing to work as a team and care for one another. Good blog.

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