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The right for natural way of communication.

Its getting annoying, how the society try to force phones onto us. You would expect that when you make appointment to doctor over internet, then you don't need to own a phone.. wrong! The partition of your contact informations for phone number is mandatory to fill in the web.. why can't they just accept only e-mail?


Every time I log into Internet bank. A popup window appears. Asking me to fix my contact information.. but I can only ignore it, since I can't save/change my contact information, without filling the field for my phone number.. Apparently a person without a phone is illegal to them.


Last year, my dad found some boxes of shotgun ammo for hunting.. Someone had drown them into garbage. He picked them out and wanted to bring to police.. before some kid would find them and hurt him self.. Well it appeared that it's impossible to do, since we don't have such places as police-station in our town anymore. We thought that we could bring them  to prefecture, that's the only police office in our town.. the police prefecture of southern Estonia. But we couldn't enter therefrom anywhere. After a while one policeman came out, and we could ask him. He told to call to 110. And that he don't have time, since he have to hurry to scene.. So apparently.. we had to call to the police by phone, from the front of the house, that was full of the policemen and then wait some hour until a free patrol car could come and pick that ammo up.


So what if you don't have a phone.. BTW, we don't have also payphones in Estonia anymore. The last payphones were removed last year because of low use. Then can you ever get contact with police when needed?


Anyway, I don't have phone. And I don't plan to get it too ....at last not in near future.

Not having a phone is not a problem for me..... well that's what I would like to say. I like to communicate directly to people in natural way.. It's good to go to the place and meet people personally, instead of arranging things "conveniently" over phone... But there's the things: On times when clerks, or customer support officers, ask my phone number, as for contact information, they will have bugged impression. They forget own well trained smile that should make customers to feel good.. for moment. They lift eyes and take a look of me.. When I reply that I don't have phone. Somehow it leaves somewhat bad feeling inside of me.. On times when someone want to give own contact number, or ask mine and ...I have to deny, it's often somewhat uncomfortable..


I just don't like phones.. I just dislike them. I appreciate my privacy and quietness and don't want someone bug me by ringing the phone. I also appreciate the direct natural communication with people. I actually may feel uncomfortable to talk by phone.


Should the right for not owning a phone be protected by law these days? Shouldn't it be a human right? What do you think?

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Comment by Hardi on January 27, 2011 at 8:15

I prefer messages. Then I can read it when feel like and answer when feel like. And have choice to read it twice before sending. But text messaging by phone is annoying because phones keyboard.


Instant messenger is almost fine because, don't have to reply instantly.. but it's still pothering. Because I get curious to check it when it flash. So it's annoying when watching anime and someone start conversation..... So non instant communication things are usually preferred. ^_^

Comment by Fizzy on January 27, 2011 at 0:04

i guess you will not receive any call from me hardi.. =P


p/s : i'm always late nowdays on reading blog at ec..

Comment by Lynne on January 22, 2011 at 2:02

Hardi, it's nice you have decided finally. ^_^

This blog is a nice topic Hardi. We all have different reasons we just have to weigh them. I think your reasoning is practical and reasonable. ^_^

But, the cartoon is funny really.  :))) but,  we can never tell... I hope it won't be that bad.

Good day!


Comment by Hardi on January 21, 2011 at 15:15

I'm fine, Lynne. Sorry that I didn't reply so long. I had totally forgot it. :)


I won't buy a phone now. I can live fine without it now.. But in future when the battery cells of phone get more durable and.. so on. I might want one.. or maybe at that time there is some other and cooler communication device invented..


But I think in future the thing about how people communicate, might really became a issue. That there's need to regulate the way of communication by law.. That says people have right not to own a phone. :P

People might really forget how to talk face to face and relay only to phones, messengers.. etc. Something like in anime movie Loups-Garous.. that I saw some time ago. Although in that anime people had become to avoiding physical contact because there had been some virus infection... but.. well, who knows.

Comment by Lynne on January 21, 2011 at 14:43


How are you Hardi? Are you still having worries about whether or not to have a phone? ^_^ What I have stated here is true. It happened to me some 2 years ago. There was another incident that I asked a friend to just answer my phone because the caller wouldn't want to stop calling though I don't give my phone number to people whom I don't know. Actually, everything will depend on you because you have to consider if it's affordable or not.

Before, we were made to understand that phones are only for important calls, like, emergency calls and business calls but now I think it has fundamentally changed. But, it has it's good side too Hardi. Everything will really depend on you. If you think it's necessary in your area to have one then you have to allocate a budget for that.

Good luck!


Comment by Lynne on January 15, 2011 at 2:48
Hello Hardi,

I see no problem if you don't have a phone. You won't be disturbed by calls which are not for you... ^_^ and free of wrong calls in the middle of the night because that would really be upsetting... so, never mind, don't worry even if you don't own one. It's just a matter of choice. I keep a phone with me for emergency but at night it's off because I sometimes get up at night to get a wrong call. :))) Then sometimes, if I cannot charge it, I don't have a phone for the whole day, it didn't change my routine though... life moves on. But, last time a couple of years ago, my boss got so mad at me when I was not able to answer her call and heard from another person that my phone should always be beside me... :( And you know how I felt hearing that... I think, I have to tie myself to my phone and not the other way around.

There are people who really need a phone and some of them own more than one. I think doctors need phones so badly... especially if they are on call.

I have a friend before who owns more than one phones and saw her suffering how to answer incoming calls at the same time... hehehehe... It was a delight for me to watch her answering all those calls.^_^ ... you wouldn't like to see yourself in that situation I'm sure. So, cheer up you're free... ^_^

Good day!

Comment by Hardi on January 14, 2011 at 20:30

Yeah, Vega that's a good idea forth to consider. I have thought to buy one, but when seen the prices.. man it's nonsense. and when comparing how much they cost here and how much in example Germany. The difference for some models might be 2 times more expensive here...


Well I really haven't went to telephone store by my self.. but this is what I have told.


Yeah a non fancy and tiny phone that doesn't have unnecessary functions could be nice... but I still would need to recharge it's cells, time to time.. even when don't use it.

Comment by Hardi on January 14, 2011 at 20:25

No one forces directly, but it's the technology, that does overlook the fact that someone might not own a phone, or contact number. What can I do, when I want to register to a web page, where there's a field for phone-number obligatory to be filled? It will recognize only numbers.. and to help people to avoid making mistakes when they are entering phone-number, it might be even taught to recognize only real phone-numbers.. like no 77777777, or smth that certainly isn't real number. So, would you just enter some random number?


Some years ago I could just enter "-" or "none" to such pages, but lately stupid programmers have made it more and more foolproof.. While forgetting such choice like I don't have a phone.. I guess, they think that it's unreal that someone don't have contact number, even infants have a phone these days. They think: "You just don't want to tell us".. Well, really, I don't know what they think.


Well yeah ,I really haven't had situation when something was left undone because of this flaw in current technology, but I think I really have reason to worry about future.. Since I hardly know anyone who knows anyone who don't own a phone... beside me.. oh yeah and my mom too don't own a mobile phone. lol

But my dad have at least 2 or maybe even 3 mobile phones... For work and for personal use.. beside also wired phone at home.


I used to have a mobile phone some years ago, but I think I only used it once.. I think.... Yeah one time I called to my brother.. Then it was left somewhere to desk. It was annoying to recharge it's battery and.. so the, when my nephews telephone broke, I gave it to him, since it looked like he might die without it...


The only reason I would have one, is really that it might be necessary in case of emergency.. fire, or sickness, traffic accident, stuck in lift...... there's so many cases when it could be a savior.. but otherwise, I really don't need it. To far apart friends, I can contact usually over internet too... Though, I have also the bad habit to stay off-line in messengers and away from chat-rooms too.. to keep more time for my self..



Comment by dark_side on January 14, 2011 at 20:05
I think I have a solution for you: buy any used phone and switch of immediately, it won't disturb you and also emit radiation. Switch on sometimes in case of emergency. Do you like my idea? )
Comment by Andriana on January 14, 2011 at 12:48
I agree with Expector Smith,i couldnt also imagine a world without telephone!It's the only technical machine connecting you with people who can be so far away and also it can be very helpful in emergency situations!There is no law making you carry a cellphone with you,so you shouldn't feel so uncomfortable.

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