THE BIRD AND THE FISH (Onne's challenge: using present perfect tense)

Picture by Leslie Anneliese

A majestic bird with golden plumage landed on a rock in front of the ocean.  A tiny fish poked out his head, drawn by the beauty of the bird.

With haughtiness the bird began to speak:

B:   Have you ever been in the blue sky?

F: No, I haven't, but I have been in the blue and fascinating ocean full of life and mystery.

B: Have you ever touched the stars?

F: No, I haven't, but I have touched the brightest reefs on earth full of light and color.

B: Have you ever danced on the clouds?

F: No, I haven't, but I have danced over foamy waves following with my fins the rhythm of the sea.

B:  Have you ever flown to the most remote heights?

F: No, I haven't, but I have swum through the dizzying currents reaching the depths of the ocean.

The bird kept silence.  He understood that that humble fish had a "sky" too: blue, vast, full of mysteries, challenging , magnificent and  heartwarming!  The bird smiled and, fluttering, he rose to the sky again!

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Comment by Janeth yesterday

Yes Romam, you did! Have a nice Sunday and greetings to your mom.

Comment by Janeth yesterday

Thanks Evangelina for your words of encouragement!  I am glad you liked the dialogue.

Best regards!

Comment by Roman on Saturday

:) Cool! It means I can inspire! 

Thank you!

Comment by Evangelina on Saturday


This is a very beautiful peace of writing.

I like the dialogue in between the two of them, and the very last paragraph just about says it all :)

Keep up the good works :)

Comment by Janeth on Saturday

Thank you for taking the time to read my story! I really appreciate your comment. You made my day Mr. Essberger!

Have a great Sunday!

Comment by Janeth on Saturday

Thank Roman! I read your story about the cats (I loved it). The next day I went to the beach and I thought a dialogue between two animals too, so you helped me with my blog!

Have a nice Sunday!

Comment by Joe Essberger on Friday


Comment by Roman on Thursday

Hi, Janeth!

I like the way you described two adjacent worlds!

But after reading your blog I've got a desire to see all those interesting things, ocean hides from us!

Thank you!

Comment by Janeth on Thursday

Thank you Olga for your encouraging words! They motivate me to keep writing!

I am honored that your students read these stories!!

Take care Olga and greetings!!

Comment by O. M. on Thursday

Thank you, Janeth, for one more wonderful story for my students ))))))) And I do agree with Estanis, you have to think about it. My best wishes )))

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