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       I used to express my worries of not finding a topic to write about , to a collage friend of mine . At that time I was deeply immersed in the idea of being a writer , and as I was influenced by books and under the magical spells of reading , this was the first thing that conjure up into my mind .
However , my endvours to write wasn't promising at all . I was capable of writing 5 or more lines and I wasn't that talented type of writer in the same time . My friend reply was a big wide laugh saying : Oh don't worry at life always gives us something to write about .
    But at that time I was in a state of destitution of thought , life didn't give me anything to write about at the age of 22 .Nevertheless , I was a book warm that's doesn't stop crawling .
     At that time , my only view about writing text was through certain rules of writing articles . So , there are many steps and conditions writers should follow in order to get their articles in the right form . This is called as well " academic type of writing " which is a thing that is difficult to do some times
And are done for certain purposes .
    On the other hand , there is a glimpse of hope , with modern age cyber technology which is blogging . Blogging as many other ways of communication is a platform for ordinary people to stand on , and say whatever they want to say , in their own words , and there are many online sites where people can blog , one of which is The English Club .
    Blogging gave me the chance to write to say the thing I wasn't able to say at young age . Now at my early 40s life is offering me many things to write about , many open topics to talk and write about .
Blogging is a cyber form of writing that enables people to share their experiences online . I can't say that this form of writing has no rules at all . But blogging means that you have some kind of freedom to speak about any topic you like . Blogging can help in many fields , because it's an easy way of writing . It can be used for educational , fashion and many other purposes .
It's a form of writing that is accessible for us all :)

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Comment by Rosemary :) yesterday

My dear friends  Zivi  , Icha,  Onee-chan  , Kavita Sharma , Mishaikh   , Rose Iris and Ocean  

      Thank you all for all of your wonderful  comments   . I have really  enjoyed  reading  your view points  about blogging  :) 

    And sorry for my belated  reply I was offline  for 2 weeks  . I have missed  you all and missed  being around in the English Club 

Comment by Ocean on Monday

Great piece of reading.

Comment by Rose Iris on March 15, 2019 at 15:10

Dear Rosemary.

Your blogs are always interesting and well written.
Expressing your mind or feeling doesn't need rules but the passion for writing.
Readers are interested in real stories that life writes. I think every one of us knows many interesting stories or want to discuss something with others. So carry on!

Comment by Kavita Sharma on March 15, 2019 at 13:35
Your blog made my think again to start up with the writing on something. It's quite difficult for me to express my views and thoughts into words. I'm over the moon after reading your blog , Thanks a million. I will try to write it down something my own.
Comment by Mishaikh on March 15, 2019 at 12:09

Very well blogged Rosemary: Carry on.  So far as me is concerned, I never follow rules. Just start writing whenever I want to, or whenever thoughts want to come out of me.  I remember once a lady from Italy gave me a blot of story by just saying few words "Love story between  boy and girl belonging different religion."  Believe me, I wrote the ending of the story first, then rest of the story and it was the longest story I had ever written.  So the bottom line is just start writing whenever the thoughts want to come out.

Comment by SNR on March 15, 2019 at 10:10

 Keep blogging, dear :D 

Comment by Onee-chan on March 13, 2019 at 5:11

Dear sister, I totally agree with you. Great blog! ^_^

Comment by Icha on March 11, 2019 at 13:56

Hi Rosemary,

I agree with you that blooging is a good and easy way for us to express our thoughts. I am not a writer but sometimes I prefer to show my thoughts or ideas by writing it down and sharing it with others.Though, it depends on my mood and condition. Not easy to find good topic to be written and making the sentences fliwing like water.

This platform of the site gives us a good chance to sharp or practice our writing and English learning, either I got advantage of this site, thanks God that my English improvement is growing day by day by practising of writing or reading. Eventhough, I rare come here lately. 

Thanks Rosemary for sharing your experience and thoughts in your nice blog.

Comment by Zivi on March 8, 2019 at 19:30

Hi Rosemary. Why sticking to rules and given arts. As each idividuum you have your own style of expresssing your thoughts. Don´t give a penny for rules. Make your own art and rules and have others desperatly try to copy yours.



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