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Most of you guys know well about Alexander the Great. Yes, am talking about the Greek who born in Athens and won all most all Europe and made invasion into Asia. He had spent just 32 years only in this earth. But still we all remember him. See today, 2338 years later I am writing about him. Just imagine the impact of that Great Greek king in the History of our entire Mankind. Could you tell me a personality who had lived before or during the period of Alexander and have fame like him?

While I was young I thought alexander was a Christine. I was surprised when came to know that he had born 300 years before the Jesus Christ. After that only I have studied about Greeks and their Culture.

Not only Alexander, the Greek soil has given births to many historical heroes. I could name few of them: Leonidas, Achilles, Socrates, Plato (Student of Socrates), Aristotle (Student of Plato and Our Alex’s Master).

They Introduced democracy to our ancestors. And they had accumulated more knowledge about science to the brain of Humanity. With the negligible small force they had stopped the giant and brutal Xerxes force. They had trade root from Europe to south most part of India.

Even today, in many of our cultures have Impact of Greeks and their culture. Not only in culture even in modern Science. The interesting example is “Trojan horse” worm in computer. It affects computer exactly as how “Trojan horse” impacted the Troy in Trojan War.

Now, in these resent days, is that great Greek soil drained out of nutrition? What happened to the great culture which delivered many geniuses to our humanity?

What happened to the world’s first Super Power today?

Would this similar thing happen to today’s Super Powers on tomorrow? 

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Comment by Elen on July 9, 2015 at 17:47

Pugal they press Greece to agree with hard measures otherwise they will delete it from Eurozone. Maybe is better to have our own coin, to start from the beginning.

Stranger thank you for your info :)

Comment by pugal on July 9, 2015 at 16:41

 Stranger in the night,

Yes, Alex is Unique, But not only because that he achieved all these thing in very short period.

What I feel is, he behaved like a king of all his empire. He had not killed civilians. He spread the great Greek culture all over the world. But As i know Genghis khan have not done so.

If we compare Alex and Genghis Khan in the aspect of LIVING BEING, Genghis can was best beast.

But if we compare both of them in the aspect of Human, my hero Alex was the best King

Comment by pugal on July 9, 2015 at 16:30

Thanks VenusElen and  Stranger in the night...

And Elen, Please give us more detail about Current Greece crisis...

Comment by Perfect Stranger on July 9, 2015 at 8:46

Elen, little note: Chenghis khan empire was 2 times bigger than Alexander's Empire, and 4 times bigger than Roman Empire:)

but he was called barbarian cuz of oriental war style, of course he was cruel and tyran, but saying about Barbarian in 13th century, Civilized Europeans did more terrible things than rest of the world. so word "barbarian" is relative:)

but what makes Alex unique, that he achieved so much in so short period of time:

Bravo Hellada:)

Comment by Elen on July 9, 2015 at 8:25

What is happening is that they try to vanish Greece from map. We made mistakes but we don't deserve this hard situations. I am glad you are a fan of Greek history. By the way i think the only person who can be compared with Alexander the Great is the Mongolian Genghis Khan (13th century i think). The difference is that Genghis was a barbarian.

Comment by Matthewfelix on July 8, 2015 at 14:35
Hmmm! Yummy! Delicious!!
When I hear 'Alex the Great' I think to myself that this Nobility lived a few years ago.
Thanks man for carrying me along the ancient paths of greatness. Quite unfortunate that he was shortlived.

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