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"Success is about doing ordinary things, extra-ordinarily well"

Well said by Mr. Jim Rohn; who was an American Entrepreneur, author and a motivational Speaker. Though he isn't among us today yet he has left some truly meaningful words that if followed may help each reach the elevator of success in every sphere of life.

There are so many ways the word success has been defined into but it still seems a little ambiguous for humans in this world to understand its real meaning and act through that level. Well, it's a fact that to every individual success matters as something different. like for example; Some people are noticed searching it in Money, some in integrity, a few in actions and few in making others happy. Where it really found is the state in which a man is merely financially strong, having good relationships, internally satisfied and above all, has time to give to these all.

The quotation above there covers all sides aforementioned. From the perspective of Mr. Jim Rohn Success is all about doing things well, not probably the way everyone does have.There are so many situations in life one gets with different tasks which are to be done exactly with full potential that way, which one may call "an outstanding way of doing thing" brings success as an accomplishment. Here I don't really mean that success is anyway guaranteed in this regard, During the long run of life one often faces a lot of troubles and troubling becomes the life, the one who upholds himself and takes failures as ladder to success gets everything achieved. Doing things with a great zeal means striving to have something done in an extra-ordinary way.

Actually, the truth is; we, the humans have classified works, occupation as small or big; in reality they don't exist that way.

A work becomes appreciable by the way one does it and if that is performed in an outstanding way, outstanding will be the results. So We need to deeply understand that everything we succeed in, results from the attitude with which we do it, for attitude means the level of thinking put upon and for thought makes thing seem great and greater become the actions in shape of success. It is just because of taking tasks ordinary in life and struggling to perform them extra-ordinarily well.

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Comment by dara gino on January 24, 2019 at 19:04

Shaik, main nahi pata,lekin I like to succeed all the time. Many times, I tried and failed. The time I succeeded when I did not stop trying. Nice blog

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