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Steven Gately, A member of Boyzone, I always miss you.

Rest in peace, Steven Gately, my dear.

I still remember in 1990s when I was a student, I loved so much and enjoyed some international songs in some CDs, Videos and on MTV. Boyzone was the one of bands that I loved best, especially STEVE. Now, I cannot forget the high gentle voice, am impressed by his blue eyes and lovely smile. I love Boyzone and I love so much STEVE as a best fan for him, a very talented singer. So, I saved his CDs, articles, and his pictutes during my student life.

At the present, Boyzone band does not exist, I still enjoys some songs such as, All that I need, I love the way you love me, Love you any way, No matter what, Everyday I love you ect. All the souvenirs that I saved about him...so why did he go so fast, when his life is full of happiness, when his fans over the world still follow him to see his distribution for music. I am still shocked about this sad news. I could not believe it was true. He is so young.

Any life, so far, I still wish him a happy life in heaven.

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