If you are from a hot humid region and  have a plan to go/visit to a cold country/place i.e. Europe during winter season then  there are some tips or information for you!

1. An umbrella is so essential, you may can not thing about it before reaching here! So, get an umbrella in your luggage. And, It must be strong enough. I know a big size umbrella is tough to bring but take at least a medium size than small size. Remember, in any European country, it is better if you get your umbrella along with you always because rain can come anytime.

2. Buy a coat that is waterproof: Yes, buy a waterproof coat/jacket and it must have lining inside. I know, I know you may not find an appropriate winter coat/jacket in your part but do not worry, you just get a waterproof coat or jacket along with some  sweaters ( not too thin, okay?).

3. Not too heavy luggage: In Europe you may stay in apartment hotels where you usually get kitchen facility. But, there ( at least some of them ) elevators may not be installed. So, if you are planning to stay in apartment hotels instead of as usual hotels then think about your luggage weight. Because, there (and maybe in hotels too) you will find no one who  helps you with your luggage like Bangkok or Singapore or any other Asian countries.

4. Take more photocopies: Yes, you need to take/get your necessary  papers' more photocopies. Because in a new place you may not find  where you can get/make photocopies of your documents.

5. Get some papers, note books, pens and pencils: If you are from Asia or Africa, you must be perplexed finding the costing of everything! So, I think it is just unnecessary to buy notebooks, writing pads, pens/pencils in Europe for some days. My suggestion is get them from your country to save your money.

6. Take some pairs of shoes: It must be in your must to do list. Please do not forget to bring some pairs of shoes instead of  sandals ( sandals, yes, for going to washroom only not for going outside)!!! lol Your shoes must be good quality goods. You may spend some more money in this purpose. Your shoes should have good soul, I prefer shoes that  have half inch heel, I would not recommend you high heeded no matter if you are a damn smart lady, no way! Look, you need to buy winter time shoes in abroad I mean in Europe, if you will stay when it snows, okay?

7. Dear, now people are in Europe almost from every corner of the world. So, do not get panic thinking you will not get your own cuisine. Most probably you will get, just need to know where you can get it! But, if you want to bring something special then take it.

8. Get your medicine: If you take any medicine take it with you. You can also get a prescription from your doctor before your journey. Here, seeing a doctor means you must take an appointment in  prior and you can not buy some medicine without a prescription. So, take your medicine and get some more as precaution if you need them (But of course I wish you good health), i, e, medicine for normal fever, headache, cold, allergy....like this.

9. Hat, Hand gloves, shocks, Maflar ( that we put around our neck), leggings, inner: Bring them! They are so essential here! If you do not have, you must suffer, so get them.

10. If you walk when it snows, you must be careful. But you must be more careful when snows or dew gets hard (actually it happens if it snows or dew drops at night or late night then early morning it feels  so hard like as glass...so it becomes very slippery early in the morning), So, look first before stepping and wear proper shoes, do not walk fast, very important  tips is, feel the ground before taking a step, okay!

11. lol....you may find dog's pee or  stool on some roads...(of course sometimes and not everywhere, maybe in outskirts)...and in the gardens/ under the roadside plants... so, it is better have a look.

I may add some more points if I can remember anything. And, please feel free to add some points who are from Europe or did travel.

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Comment by bet on Monday

thanks a lot, 0.m.....really happy to get you here....

Comment by O. M. on Monday

Dear Bet!

How well you described all the moments you had to face when came to Europe ))) I would not even pay attention to many of them. I loved reading your blog...

I do agree with you in many points, however, sometimes it is impossible to have so much luggage...then you do take only the most important things...and the essential one is your medicine. It is so difficult to explain what you need in a foreign country. 

I am sure you are great there )))). Wish you good luck and get used to local weather as soon as possible))) 

Comment by bet on Friday

oh...onee, i think you can do travel to a bit cold countries during too hot season....

Comment by bet on Friday

oh....great  job, misha....thanks for your ellaborate explanations....and thanks for saying there are many errors....okay i must re read and will try to correct...thanks.

Comment by Mishaikh on Friday

7) Indian and Pakistani (other Asian Cuisines also as you said) are easily available.  Even Halal food is also available for Muslims.  I haven been very surprising delight watching enjoying Americans these spicy dishes also.

8) Medicines if taken in hand carry is now allowed while travelling except in crucial cases supported by Dr's prescription.  Try not to fall sick abroad, because without proper medical insurance treat is unaffordably expensive. For example it cost me for crowning cost me 2500 dollars (500 dollars out of my pocket and 2000 dollars covered under medical insurance which is provided to me by my wife). Similarly only a blood test cost 500 dollars if you are not covered under medical insurance. So be warned.

9) Woolen cap which can cover your ears also, hand gloves, muffler are must in severe winter.  My advise is "do not travel in snowy winter if it is merely for entertainment tour" because sometimes passengers get stuck in snow seasons because flights are mostly cancelled in such severe weather.  Summer season is nice for visiting.

10) Once I could not see the frozen patch in the parking lot of a mall and slipped, but fortunately no harm was done other bones breaking in such cases are very common.

11)  Mostly dogs owner take care of such things of their dogs and take them to some lawns etc.  I have seen people carrying small plastic bags for their dogs/cats potty.  But you can find irresponsible people everywhere.

12) I do not have the independence of throwing trash everywhere outside my native country.  Though people also throw trash openly on the walking side and roads, but in malls and other public places people observe the norms and ethics of cleanliness.

Good blog bet.  There are number of errors in your blog, I am sure you can find yourself if re-read it again.

Comment by Onee-chan on Friday

Yes, Bet. Even in the rain, it's rarely cool here nowadays.

It's 35 with the real feel 42 at the moment.

Comment by bet on Friday

thank you, onee, is still too hot over there?

Comment by Onee-chan on Friday

Dear bet,

It's very hot and humid here. So, let me try to imagine 'winter....'

I cannot. lol

Thank you for writing. ^^

Comment by bet on December 6, 2018 at 23:06

thanks a lot, misha....i am really so happy to get your comment!

Comment by Mishaikh on December 6, 2018 at 21:34

1) You can easily get umbrella in any city of America/Europe in just 10-15 dollars and they are in medium size.  It is better to get medium size umbrella instead of large one.  If there is windy weather your umbrella will become dangerous for you so be extra careful and do not open umbrella if there is wind along with rain.  Better stay inside.

2) You mean rain coat/jacket.  Bring it from your country, because they are very expensive here, over 100 dollars.

3) Luggage depends upon your purpose of visit.  Normally you can carry two luggages of 23 kgs each per ticket.

4) Agreed.

5) You are right.  But usually travellers have one in their bags.

6) You need different types of shoes for snow, rain, and otherwise.  In winter nobody wear sandal outside.

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