"You think too much", she yelled at me. And it was not the first time some one expressed his/her disillusionment from my idealism. Some called it juvenile, other called it pre-mature thoughts, some rejected by saying that they are far from realism others preferred not to comment. But no one said that my thoughts are irrelevant. Yes they are unorganized, yes they do not lead to any meaningful conclusion and can make you fatigue but definitely they are serious!

Yes I am serious. Damm serious!! and thought that work like vibes when conversations are deep. The vibes that can make anyone ponder on matter people usually want to avoid. But avoiding things just because they are bitter and have potential to make you feel low, does not reduce their importance. By saying that, "I am not interested", "Its not my duty", "Why should I care?" etc reveal an attitude. An attitude that I hate most. An attitude which is the sole cause of every big and tiny problems.

Some people judge acts on the basis of consequences, results and call them self as followers of Utilitarianism. Others first define their job, the boundaries of their act and then work according to those limits. That is the deonotological aspect of their ethics. And what is rest the abide by the theory of "common good". There are 1000 of ways of looking at same things. Each way justified in its own context. Libertarian aspect vs Social aspect. Justice approach vs Moral approach. 

Which path I should go, which ideology I should follow. And above all why should I follow those morals which are described good by others? Why should I abide my self with ethics defined by society? Why should I restrain my self from things others think are sacred or unholy. And if I am supposed to bound myself with those historical thoughts imposed on individuals on the caveat name of culture and ethics then what is the difference between Humans and Machines...

Are not we our self machines working for money and respect (Ultimate desires). Working in a system whose rules are already written. Variables are too rigid to play with and if you dare to play with it you will be lost in fight you were never involved! 

The fear.. Fear is the ultimate emotion on which this doctrine of rules with multi dimensional system stands. Fear stops us think of adventures. Fear coupled with out power to imagine magnify the idea of destruction. And its that magnified fear which deter our ultimate desires (greed).

Then comes the aspects... are not desires/greed bad. But we all have some need and what is the line that divide between need and greed. Where to stop? from were spiritual dimension come in.. and up to where it should go. Ultimately those who preach this aspect of sacrifice by introducing the concept of god do not follow it by themselves... Why this hypocrisy? 

And if we have to do opposite of what we are taught than why are we taught the things? Is it a great conspiracy are we all unknowingly part of this trap. Or there is some one who is playing with us, making us pawn of chess board so that arena belong to him only. 

What if I defy all the rules of yours? What if I do not respect the things dear to you... and dear because you are taught that they are sacred. What if I write my self of rules... what if I challenge your hegemony without popular support. Do you have the gutsy to argue with me....? Or you will avoid me by saying.. "you think too much!"...

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Comment by Traveler on September 25, 2015 at 13:59

I got your point of views. And to some extent you all tried to give me the answer I was seeking. A partial answer at least, if not complete. The question was complex, the expression was cumbersome. Hopefully with time I will get more insight in to these philosophical aspect of life and society by untangling these ideologies. And may be it will help me to figure out what I am and why I do what I do... and a lot more...

Comment by Alice E. on September 25, 2015 at 5:59

We are humans and we do err, and so the hypocrisy and  corruption abounds every where no matter the culture, religion or country however the existence of our level of reason also demands that we can use it in a way that is in sync with our conscience, if and when we do, we might perhaps have a glimpse of the utopia that you seek.  We pray it might come to this. Thanks for this reflective share.

Comment by Luci on September 24, 2015 at 19:23
Perfectly written! People who opose like... u think too much are either those who aren't smart to come up with some smart facts or phlegmatics who don't care..at least I see it like this and omggg I do hate this line!!! Whenever somebody tells me... I just answer ..yes I do think too much because I was born with the brain and I use it! Anywayz.. we should live as we want to not to live like slaves of the society we belong to. As for me I see in this also a big influence of the religion, which actually stands kinda on fear too.. (now all the religious ppl plz don't stone me!)
Comment by Traveler on September 22, 2015 at 21:07

If you understand it. Then please let me know. I know there are answers to every question and every serious effort gives results just like ever genuine prayer is heard....

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