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In my career I had good presentations, when I was praised for my oratorical skills, and...less good ones, when I was asked what happened with me. When I look back, I cannot say what determines a presentation to be good.  Is it the fact that you have a good day? That you are self confident? That you are well prepared? In my opinion, you definitely need all of these, still... there are people who reach to make very good presentations without having all of the attributes above; they are good actors I would say! And definitely they are very bold, in the good sense of the word. 

With these thoughts in mind, and thinking less to my next presentation,  I was walking quietly through a library, searching for books. A title drew my attention: Develop your communication skills.  I opened it randomly and read a motto: "Usualy it takes me three weeks to prepare a spontaneous speech"-Mark Twain. Brilliant! So this is it: preparation! Evrika! The less good part is that my presenation is in 2 weeks time. Hmm... at least I foud the answer. Yes, you guess well-I bought the book and here are some things I did'n know, or didn't pay attention:

- the majority of persons make an image of you in the first 30 seconds, can last a lifetime and is almost impossible to change 

-maintain the interest of the audience; people want to hear more about practical benefits and less theories

-speak with enthusiasm!

-practice your speech in front of a mirror or a camera

-if you are asked a question, smile and make a step forward. If you move backward you will convey the message that you are incapable to answer.

If you know another methods, which makes a good presentation, and reduce anxiety during it (without taking pills of course :)  , please share.

Thank you for the kindness of those who correct my mistakes.

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Comment by tawfeeq on July 3, 2013 at 20:51

Very useful tips .I copy them and I will apply them next time as I feel I am not good at speaking .Thank you for the particular information.

Comment by viviana on November 19, 2012 at 19:36

Hi  SK Aswin,

Thanks for your comment,

Yes I agreed with you. Interacting with the audience help you to concentrate on things that are important to them. 

Comment by viviana on April 30, 2012 at 17:42

Hi Mayumi,

Very nice way of preparing a speech!  :)

You're right, not a good moment to be modest, when have a presentation. 

Thanks for your comment.

Comment by Mayumi on April 30, 2012 at 6:24

Hi! Usually, I imagine the whole scenes of the presentation. I keep repeating in my mind the words I want to say and the details of the flow so much vividly that when time to speak it almost just come out in my mind so naturally.. It's rehearsing several times until you believe yourself you are impossible to fail the presentation.

It's claiming to oneself..This is it! This is my time to shine..:)

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