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My First of Late Autumn's 2012 ^_^

The winter of late autumn arrived yesterday. It started at middle day with sleet and rain and finished it with something close to snow at yesterday's night. So to the night the ground was all covered with white carpet.. It's great, because the snow wont let it get dark at night. I don't need to switch lights on if I have to get up at night... Actually I think I did not switch light on also before.. Hmmmm, I guess the city lights give some light even without snow. Oh and air was nice and clean to breathe too.. but I did not keep my window open, since did not want my room to get too cold.

Today morning it was pretty much winter behind of the window.. It was still little above zero though, but it did fall below turning the day.. even though the sun did come out for a while.

I took a walk to country, to see and enjoy the child winter. Although the sun had already hidden. It was still nice to walk.. I love to walk... not always though. :P There's a new road going out of town. They renovated it last summer with the Money from EU, or actually it's German's peoples taxes... German is big, so they pay a lot of taxes to EU and then they allow us to build silly roads with that money, so that Germans could transport the goods to and from Russia through of our road. They can't transport everything through of the pipes, that the Russians sinked to Baltic sea. lol

Well actually I'm just a bit mean, since the roads they build for cars, are wider and smother than the ones for pedestrians. I don't like car lovers. It might have nothing to do with Germany. It's the EU.. ..Maybe Polish drivers use much more these roads to transport goods to/from Russia... But I just like to say what ever to comes to my mind. So please don't mind. :P ^_^

Anyways here are photos, I took.. Please enjoy. No I insist you to enjoy them! If you don't, then..."o( ̄ヘ ̄;)。o0○(hate…)"  .......:D










There was a bench pushed over. Don't know if someone was just demonstrating own strength.. Or... Well, I think it's rather some car lovers work. Previously there was a gravel road coming from left connecting big road, but now when they renovated the big road, they eliminated that direct way to big road.. So some car drivers must be mad for this.. that they can't get straight to main road.. The tracks on Pedestrian road and the gravel road probe, that some cars still use the direct way, by driving over and by pedestrians/bicycle road, to main road. But the bench was a little on the way... ^_^ 




These wooden things on photo at below left, are remains of a well. There used to be a meadow for cows. U can see some remains of fence with barbwire and.. well something. And also a iron feed bunk or smth for water. I remember something ten years ago there were still cows. There was a cow-barn near to town. But now the barn house is turned into some factory. I suppose, while the town did grow, the rich people who had bought own houses nearby, did complain about the noise of cow and the smell of tung and barn fly and etc.. U know the rich city idiots... Actually they are even not rich, they are debtors, who have to work and get stressed and depressed from all the work to bay back the house loan to bank. :P Haha.. I'm just mean to those people too. I don't like people who build own dream houses near to down and then get so full of them selves..

The people who move to country, are usually stupid, they think they get a good life, the ideal life, that it's great to live in country, in own house, that it's romantic, but then they get disappointed. They discover that nearby farmer bring tung to field and it smell if he does that. Then some other person builds own house nearby.... Then the wild animals... deers may run around free.. So they demand the wild animals must be dealt with.. kept leashed, or killed.. and so on...

The photo at right.. That is snow on street.. On pedestrian road. Since there were dead leaves and maybe some debris lying on ground, some snow that landed on those leaves, haven't melted. That's because the leaves insulated the heat coming from ground... So it created some interesting patterns on road.









The last photo is.. Well, It's nothing interesting. It's just to show the... something the road on my way back. So u could tell, where was the place I was walking... Not very interesting indeed.. I suppose it isn't. :)


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Comment by Hardi on November 1, 2012 at 17:39

Thank you Fizzy. I'm glad to have had you here at my blog.. ^_^

Comment by Fizzy on November 1, 2012 at 1:50


i didnt read your post  (>_<) so i cant comment much.. but the pictures cool though.. hehe i'm in the mood on browsing photos only. =P

brrrr... watching all the snow makes me cold.. well probably because the aircond in the office quite high today..

nemui.. zzzZzzz  (o_O) dame.. shigoto.. shigoto..

Comment by Hardi on October 31, 2012 at 16:56

Thank you Fumi. ^_^

Comment by Hardi on October 27, 2012 at 19:07

Hello Syubidupapap, Devikajambulingam. Thank you for your comments.

@Syubidupapap. That sign tells that this is a light traffic road, for bicyclers and pedestrians. Such road have some limitations for cyclists. At close to pedestrian, cyclists are not allowed to ride faster than an average pedestrian. Which is defined to be something 5 or 7 Km/h.. Don't know how the cyclist is supposed to pass a pedestrian if he walks at speed 7 km/h... And not allowed to endanger pedestrians. Well the laws aren't made by humans. They are made by specialists and politicians. :P

I'm not sure why that sign is set there... Here's a photo from a bit more further away....

Seems like there's a to be road crossing the pedestrians road.. Probably this to be road is meant for farmers. There's a field other side of those trees at left. So there's way for farming equipments to cross the light traffic way to get to the field...

A photo from even more further away. :P


Comment by Syubidupapap on October 27, 2012 at 18:16

Hmm I wonder one thing. That blue sign shows bicycle, a mother and her kid. At first I thought it is where they can across the road to the other side, but later I thought it is a place (the road, trottoir( ?) ) where a mother and her kid can walk in the same road your bicycle has passed.

So can you tell me what does it mean?

Comment by Devikajambulingam on October 27, 2012 at 15:25

 Very beautiful reflections on nature and the modern complexity of rural and urban life.

I like the way the feels are expressed with subtle comments on life style of the changing world. Lovely illustration with clear photos.  

Comment by Hardi on October 27, 2012 at 14:48

The bicycle winter tires usually have ice spikes...

These on photo are what I prepared for my self. They should be able to manage some snow, have good grip on ice.. But still roll pretty smoothly also on pavement.. Well that's all the theory. I haven't tried yet... But I believe I should be able to at least stay up with these.

Maybe I try them some day soon. I really want to see how well they work. It's already pretty slippery at morning and evening. It freeze at night and melt at day.. so it might be really very slippery at late morning.. when there's some water also on ice... I didn't go out today, so don't know how slippery it is, but from window it seems like it's pretty icy every where.. Well, they do use chlorides for streets.. so the streets are pretty clean.. I guess.. But I sure don't dare to go to cycle with my slick city tires anymore. They sure won't have good grip on snow or ice. So if I go, then only with these. ^_^

Comment by Grace on October 27, 2012 at 14:01

Are winter tires covered with some metal devices? I saw tires on cars are attached with chains here when driving roads on snowy mountains. What about tires for bikes? 

Comment by Hardi on October 27, 2012 at 7:06

Thanks, Grace, Nafis.

Yes, Grace. I intended to bike also at winter, this year. I have a pair of winter tires prepared for that occasion.. But I'm little worried about what effect it might have to my health, If I get cold I might get sick.. don't want to get sick. Anyways, I think I wait a little more before try it, until also most cars have switched to winter tires, and the drivers get used with new weather conditions.. Currently it might be dangerous, if some unskilled driver who still have summer tires, lose control over car.. ^_^

Comment by Grace on October 27, 2012 at 1:59

Thank you for sharing, Hardi. What a beautiful silver blanket!  I like all photos.

I was wondering if you'd keep biking during this season. 

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