John lost all his properties and money in business. He was totally depressed. He didn't know what to tell his family and friends. 

He was sitting in a park and thinking about his future plan. 

Suddenly a person came in business attire and told him  " Hi dear I knew everything about you and I am giving a blank cheque to you. You write the amount how much you want. But one condition you have to give me back the same amount after one year. The same day next year I will come here and collect the money. I trust you. 

Immediately he left the scene. 

John went to the home with some hope.  He immediately locked the cheque on a safe shelf and started thinking about the next plan. 

Next day, He went to the shop where he gets the materials for the production. He told his future plan and collected some materials without money. He was very confident because something happens to the plan, he is having a cheque with him, He can take the money from the bank and pay the money. 

The same day he went to the shop where he sold his products and collected some advance for the product supplies next week. Then he went to the shop who supplies the materials and paid some amount. 

Days went well, he started delivering the product. Business has grown and operated full fledge. That fine day what the person in business attire told to meet has come. He went to the park with the cheque. 

Suddenly he saw guards were holding the person in the business attire to a van. He asked the guards " where are you taking this man?" Guards told " He is the permeant problem in our the mental hospital. His problem is giving the blank cheque to the people." 

Our life also likes this, If we are assured somebody is there to help us from fall, we will do wonders. 

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Comment by Onee-chan on November 6, 2018 at 7:03

Hi Apsuku!

I like your quote. Thank you for sharing the story. 

Comment by SNR on November 4, 2018 at 8:04


I really enjoyed reading your blog. I think it's just the thoughts in our brain which drives our actions. If you keep telling your mind ..yes I can do it you will accomplish your task. So it is very imperative for us to feed out brain with positive things and statements. N you can see the miracle happening to you. You feel more enthusiastic, alive and passionate towards the work. No doubt we need a helping hand when we feel devastated. 

Thank your for sharing this amazing story. :)

Comment by Rose Iris Will on November 3, 2018 at 19:37

What a good statement! Some people need just a small push or a helping hand. Then, they come back to their own self-confidence or to regain courage again. Then, they are able to grow beyond themselves and accomplish great things.
But, your story has another, this time a sad statement. Sometimes, if someone gives someone who's in need a helping hand, the helper runs the risk of being labeled sick. To be not interested in others' fate becomes sad normality.

Thanks for sharing this story.

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