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luci's writing challenge: letter to Pakistan...

My dear homeland …..

 People say that you are land of emotional fools….they are true to some extent..(may be to larger) we love so passionately that we commit suicide when don’t see our beloved is going to be with us( and beloved sometime unaware of our obsessive love)….. but sometimes beloved commits suicide when lover cheats and run away( in both situations suicide is a must…ufff)….dear homeland!!!!! you have miraculous people who stop loving one another when got married but fulfill the promise till their death because they love their children( 95% of couples continue their marriages just for sake of their children).

My Pak land ( pure land)!!!!

You have a world’s ancient historic places …we don’t own them..we don’t know about it..( most of times we come across of it from foreigners’’ visits..hey what’s going here). They tell us how old are we…what historic treasures we have !!!!! but we are very practical people ..so we damn care. ( man..don’t bother us… .firstly...let us control our living people and cities…and children about to be born , then comes the dead people and dead cities). But problem is that we don’t know how to manage all these hot matters smoothly, for we are just like young children as a nation. We see across the globe nations are becoming wiser and prosperous with passage of time but we are still like a naughty child, who eager to create problems…unable to deal with when it gets worse..sooner starts crying when sees nothing changes around. My dear land…your people will overcome these tantrums with passage of time …let us be matured nation….

My pious land…

You are amazing among all… full of all colours of life….gigantic mountain tops on one side of your face...and long seashores on the other side….in between lush green lands ….accompanied with barren deserts …hey ….surprising thing is that every corner of your land is full of people …..(every place they have occupied it). You have sore waters of bank less Arabian sea in your one hand, and plenty of drinking water on the other hand ….(and we waste it with both hands… hey..don’t worry ..we have hundreds of glaciers …if drinking water will finish in future).

My motherland ….

Your people are very moody…they live like the boasted rabbit who always think about winning the race and gets sleep…. Most of time they live like the tortoise who walks slowly for a while and gets sleep too….( hey …but what about the race?? Ohhh…leave thinking about it yar… we have a very short memory as nation).

My father land too..

You have wonderful people who show astonishing character… they make promises to break them, they elect cheaters as their leaders, they love others’ heroes but don’t rear their own heroes, they read history of Arabs, Turks, Russians and assume they are theirs… they love their daughters but don’t  let them out to study and work…in spite of all these pressures ….daughter of nation becomes leader of nation( Benazir Bhutto became elected prime minister of any Muslim country), your people surprised the whole world when atom bombs were confirmed in your factories found in kahuta plant…( America and NATO countries urged to charge strict economic conditions on us, they had strong fears that we foolish people are unable to handle with it and the world is vulnerable because a naughty child has a big brick in his hands … but dear all… if a mother can bear a child ..she definitely can rear the child too..). everybody knows that your people struggled hard to have the bombs because they have fights with neighboring India…… and when they get too tired of …they listen Indian music and watch Indian movies ( we are not much serious in our fights and love…after all we are too young to think….)

My grand land….

It’s my bedtime now…and I have very important official meeting tomorrow….but I had mood to write something….may be next time….to say more about you …after all they had asked about you ….. dear me..

Sweet dreams….

O my dear...

Just yours …


( friends ....I didn't edit anything while writing ..let it in one go...kindly correct it where necessary..... btw take it easy ...... it's may not be  fact but the feelings in fact)

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Comment by angel on October 7, 2015 at 18:15

dear tara

what a wonderful place is this my EC !!!!!! after my schooling no one never correct me in writing ...i love to write when i have some feelings n mood .....otherwise i dont write much...

i loved to read ur corrections n views on this...

thanks a lot for mentioning,i ll take care of it

Comment by angel on October 7, 2015 at 18:10

dear robbie

thanks for the kind comment...it's so amazing for me to have views of people around the world on my writing ...n they are helping me to write more precisely n correctly..

just loved it to read...

Comment by Tara Benwell on October 7, 2015 at 14:03

Hi Angel, 

Thanks for letting me know about your blog post. You worked very hard on your letter to Pakistan. I really enjoyed reading it. I love the part where you scold your country for being immature. 

Re corrections:

Can you do a little bit of research about the ellipsis mark? It's okay to use it sometimes, but it seems you might be using it instead of a period or comma. 

Also, try to spot a common error in this phrase:

most of times we come across of it from foreigners’ visits

Comment by Robbie on October 7, 2015 at 12:22

Hi, Angel!

Nice writing! You've clearly defined your emotion in a positive and negative perspective. There isn't a perfect country, each has its own time to move on and progress to cope with the changing times. It's sad to know that women's rights in your country are still limited compared to other Asian nations.

Thank you for letting me know about your country as well as for taking part in Luci's writing challenge. 

By the way, one simple tip when using a full stop (period), is not to forget to capitalize the initial letter of the preceding sentence. This would prevent a run-on sentence. :)

Comment by angel on October 3, 2015 at 18:55

dear saba ...

loved to have u here...

Comment by saba on October 3, 2015 at 18:31

Dear Angel,

beautifully written, wish your homeland all the best.

Comment by angel on October 3, 2015 at 14:33


negativity= hardships, problems, issues

we always see in life ... fa inna ma al usri yusra...

Comment by angel on October 3, 2015 at 14:27

dear wolf..

Yes…negativity holds positivity…means ..it gives a path to  positivity.... these r connected...

Negative behavior , attitude, issues tell us what’s positive things to be adopted..

Once a wise man was asked: how did you learn wisdom??

He said: from fools

They asked: how is that??

He said: what they do, I don’t do that.

So…we have to define negativity on most acceptable balance in societies…then replace it with most suitable one..widely accepted as positive one..

As we see in history..mankind gets positive changes( revolutions) after a period of long hardships...


Comment by angel on October 2, 2015 at 18:49

my dear setareh...

im sooooooo glad to know that u liked it....thanks dear..it means a lot!!!!

Comment by angel on October 2, 2015 at 18:41

dear wolf    ( omg.... what a mercy)

is it magic of khawaarland that wolf changes in to dog???? hhhhhhh

ahan... negativity holds positivity ...my dear....

nice knock on the door.... welcome !!!!!!!

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