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Yesterday, laying laminate flooring, I started.
Because walking barefoot on the old one, didn't brook.
Dirt, the splinters of flinderness attracted.
Thus, not easy the cleaning was.
2/3 of it, I yesterday laid..
Very tired i was, in the end of day.
Cleaning and furniture moving, me down had got.
Happy I was, since one of my favorite anime new episode. had released.

Today I wanted to finish it.
A surprise spooked out, from the behind of bookshelves, when moving it away from the wall.

Also one of the leg of my bed had a spooky look.

The bed is build by me, by the way.
You see the new floor under the leg of bed, supporting it well even though it have such spooky look because of the mold growing on it.. That don't want even touch it barehanded.

First I thought it's the mold from last winter.. the winter was cold, the mold started to grow in many cold places where air humidity could condense.

But the wall felt damp by touching it by hand.. Then it can't be only form winter. Now I'm not sure. It can't be condensate yet.. it's not so cold yet, to make it condense... But it have been raining lately.. Roof seemed fine. So maybe it comes trough of the wall.. there's a joint of concrete blocks in where it's mold.. so bad. Stupid soviet builders, who made bad job and stole half of building materials that they should had used. Stupid Moscow's architects, who constructed this thing so badly insulated. T_T
Well, I need to observe. If it gets wet again when raining, then something must be done. If it's condense, then keeping big clearance between furniture and wall, may help.. although with the lose of space.

If it molds, then it can't be healthy Environment for living..T_T

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Comment by Hardi on November 2, 2010 at 17:48
Thank you all, for the nice comments.

Thank you, but isn't that just horrible. How can I cheer up by knowing that there are thousands and thousands of people with same problems. It doesn't make me happier. It just shows how desperate it is.

In some of these buildings. There people have scraped money up and insulated it to keep it warm, but it seems that it have got worse.. I have heard that now they have warmth and terribly humid in their house.. like sauna..

> Fizzy.
Thanks, Fizzy. It looks like wood, isn't. But although this floor really is made mostly from wood. It's still imitation. So it doesn't feel like walking on wood.. something synthetic I think, but it's stronger than wood and easier to clean. Before I had wood parquet, that was so ruined already. It required to re-lacquer after every 3 years or so.. I didn't care to do it and so it wore quickly too bad under the chair..

I still need to chose skirting, for this floor. It's so hard to chose. Many different colors and products.

>yoh, Karenina, nida.
Thank you. ^_^

Comment by nida on October 31, 2010 at 11:28
Great work! You're really talented.
Comment by yoh on October 30, 2010 at 20:10
The brilliant project you had on the spooky Halloween day!
Comment by Fizzy on October 30, 2010 at 4:43
nice work hardi.. the new floor look cool... i always like wooden floor.. it gave a nice feeling with you sit or walk on it.. but make sure you left your shoes outside before ruining it.. hehehe atleast it last longer..
Comment by deuce666 on October 29, 2010 at 21:54
We have the same problems here in Ukraine, so you are not alone, cheer up !

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