The world is not big enough for me
I want to stay
Yet I want to go
I want to go ..
But then I am not doing good enough
I am leaving yes.. a horse has to run
A bird has to fly
I need to go because
I have to follow my heart
My instincts.
So let me go.. because I have to go and I am going
And leaving
I need a bigger world
A place where I can be
A place where I can feel myself.
A place where I can develop myself

My heart my love..
My life.. my sacrification
I have to be there

That is my destination
And that is my life.
And I want to be there. because that is where I am created for
To go
To transcend
And to fly..
To a place that is so unlimited
Bigger than the sky..
Further than the sea

Deeper than any ocean
I have to fly
Because that is where my heart lies.
That is where I will be.
And I will be there. when I am flying
Up in the sky
Diving deep in the sea.. you will see me.. but one day. you will recognise me no more
Because I am .. another person..
A person who has jumped into the big sea
And has fled the whole world
Which is bigger than the sky
And has a new place
A new world for herself..

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Comment by Keira on February 1, 2013 at 18:19

Thanks for the comments ^^ :) hehehe :)

And also thanks Yuri.. That is a great comment! Hehe!

And Ednardo... yes those little stones.. :D haha :) 

Greets, Keira ^^

Comment by Ednardo on January 29, 2013 at 17:45

I liked.. :)

you're great...

the second picture I loved :p

I wanna that little rocks :p

Comment by Maia on January 29, 2013 at 15:58

Wow!...brilliant...I was carried away...reading this piece makes me want to dive into that ocean or fly up to the sky...and reinvent's really amazing! the emotion is so intensed it resonates to my whole being.

Keep it up, Keira:)

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