I recently started to realize the difference between both of these terms, and obviously, they both work to either cheer you up or put you down, I would like to highlight the main difference between them, in order to know how they work and how you can avoid falling into the unknown trap of one of them, particularly in our work.

Generally, Inner Peace means or refers to being at peace or getting into a state of calmness, contentment, and satisfaction with yourself, basically, you can achieve that spiritually or doing any specific practice keeps you in the state of peace. Clearly some people viewed it that way, “ no matter what you do, what you’ve been through, what your accomplishments, you are fully satisfied with it, some included that taking actions out of your comfort zone, pretty much like challenging yourself to do stuff you afraid of, and the results would be the last thing that you’re looking after, so that means, you are completely content with what you did, you are looking for more, not for the outcomes but for changing your state of mind! and at the same time, you are happy about stepping outside your usual spin, On the other hand

Inner perfectionist is the voice inside us telling us to do the things we intend to do perfect, with 100% free-error, clearly enough this term work on the reverse of the inner peace, we find ourselves became:

- Afraid of achieving something as long as we are after 100% perfect outcomes.

- An excellent procrastinator: "we think a lot of the tasks and how it can be done, and wait? What if I fail? Do I need to do it right now? This moment? Because y’know one hour is not enough for doing it perfectly, I probably would be screwed up, so I’ll find some time tackle the task?" You see, it’ll happen a lot.

- Not accepting challenges: We’ll tend to turn down every opportunity that shows up on our way because we are not ready enough and it is still not very yet.

What should you do to avoid your Inner perfectionist?

- simply tune off the inner perfectionist, and do the exact same opposite of the points mentioned above

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Comment by Rosemary :) on June 23, 2018 at 19:17

    Inner peace is a high spiritual  state of mind and body   , a thing that we are able to gain by spiritual  practices  and good  deeds  . In Islam  is is called " taqwa  " which make us happy , when we do things only for Allah  sake in order to be his representives on earth  , trying to the best  even at the minimum  level  . This is our duty in life , However  , we shouldn't  be judgmental  or attack other people behaviors.  Thanks for sharing  ur wonderful thoughts  with us Rayan :) 

Comment by Roman on June 23, 2018 at 18:33

Hi Rayan Abdulrrhman!

You are right. If you want to do something, just do it right now! Not one hour later, not 1 minute later, not 1 second later. Do it right now, because otherwise you will find 100500 reasons not to do it.

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