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... but I'll 'shave' it for later.'' That must be one of the lamest puns ever. Some say they're lazy writing. But, they get the job done. Anyway, the mustache flourished during the '70s and '80s, it can conjure up images of sleazy car salesmen, or adult film actors with massive body hair. Pardon me while I hurl!

But it's true, though. Just take a look at your old family albums. Most of the men are "rocking" that unbuttoned shirt look... showing that wildly unnecessary chest hair.

Well, point is styles change over the time. Hey, maybe some day you pioneer a look so wild that it becomes all the rage. Just lay off grills and skinny jeans. 

Here are some various mustache styles that used to be all over the place. Some of them still are, mind you.

Let's get started.


Many men have tried to recreate Freddie Mercury's perfect Freddie Mercury. Steve Wood/Express/Getty Images

I mean, come on. Whether Freddie did it in the name of fashion (highly doubt it) or he was insecure about his teeth, it was his mustache and he kept it. Sorta.

The Zappa

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"If it looks like 'Zappa' and..."


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PencilGerelateerde afbeelding


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Afbeeldingsresultaat voor moustache types

Based on my personal experience, I can say three of them are accurate. Tell me what do you think? Which one do you like? Post a pic if ya want. Let's see them 'staches. 

Thanks For Reading

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Comment by A738a yesterday

"The beginning"? Are we talking prenatal here?

Comment by A738a yesterday

Like I said I'm lookin' for some hard facts here, O.M. You seem pretty sure. If you say so Cossack it is then.

That guy though... when you decide you're not ready to go full on Count Orlok yet. XD

Comment by A738a yesterday

Had I known your epic reaction to Poirot's catty doppelgänger , I woulda made it a thing way sooner, MARY. 

Can't you just put in a good word for me? That look... I just can't handle it. 

Comment by A738a on Friday


A masterpiece only for a week? Way to commit.

Comment by A738a on Friday


Frida just needed a friend/friends. Ladies' razor blades.

Thank you for your kind words. Good to be back.

Comment by A738a on Friday


It is? I just pulled it outta my a$$. I was bored.

Comment by Mishaikh on April 15, 2019 at 13:45

I have one, since the beginning. 

Comment by O. M. on April 8, 2019 at 7:09

Lol, A738a, I would say the topic is funny as well )). Let me add to your investigation. According to your collection, it might be called "portugal", but no way ))!! It's a famous Ukranian Cossacks' mustache ))). Though, as for the name...I have no idea.

Thank you, you are great as always ))

Comment by Roman on April 7, 2019 at 23:06

Zappa and what???

I don't like any kind of mustache and beard.

Well, I would grow one, but only for some very special reason and only with knowing that a very professional will make a masterpiece of it and only for a very short period of time, like 1 week.

#idontlikemustaches, #idontlikebeards.

Comment by MARY on April 7, 2019 at 20:59

Btw Poirot cat is not happy. You didn't add him in your list of popular mustaches...

Now he's judging you harshly :(

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