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Blog !  Ohhhhh, my mind is getting blocked !





What is blogging it is so confusing , I do not know what , where  and  when to  blog!
Simple friends, its a journal shared through the net.

One can write simple or elaborate (look who is talking , I used to dread th word Blog)

This is one  way of improving our creative writing , our grammatical structures ,and giving us confidence to build  up  our writing skills.

Through feed back we are able to intereact accept any  mistakes if any , and  make  freinds too, through meaningful dialogue, and exchanges of the content  written.

Writing is  very  important  in language  development, the learner can attempt step by  step.

You can start with simple topics  like any  special fruits   grown in your  country flowers  foliage, be it nature , history ,culture , whatever!

How  did you  guys   feel attempting on your  first blog?  like the picture beneath?

On  my first  experiece I was  so  nervous .Having  day to day experience of writing my self, I was yet flustered, I am indeed grateful for the encouragements of my  beloved friends. I have not  written  for a long time , the usual question I ask what  to b----g??

Yet when thoughts  are collected I just  penn down  my thoughts and am free as a  bird.Brown pelican | Free Pictures

Each  person  have  their own style of writing , presentation and uniqueness , which makes it all the more  intersting  to read and exchange views.Two girls fishing | Free Pictures        Cassatt Mary Sara Holding A Cat 1908 | Free Pictures Silhouette of a people with gun | Free Pictures Prince Charles and Dutchess of Cornwall | Free Pictures Usain Bolt Olympics Celebration | Free Pictures  


What  starts as a hobby can also lead to be lucrative and proffesional

It is nice to note  there are sites which will pay for blogging.

http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/sites-that-pays-you-to-blog/getpaidblogging 26 Sites That Pay You to Blog

So many resources are available for us to tap our potentiality to the maximum.

blogitive 26 Sites That Pay You to Blog

 So friends those of who are new , do not  fear , that is if you do. Start expressing your thoughts,  through  a blog ,and reach the ultimate  heights of mastering your  fluency in English.I wold  penn of with note itis  ideal and interesting when we penn down  our thoughts  through  visuals, thus making the journal, very colorful and interesting.


  I am  posting a  liink which may come  useful too.



Teacher Salim , thank you  ever so much for the link you have posted on the comment box.

It is a  gold  mine  for those  who wish to enhance their  writing abilities. I will copy  paste  to this  blog , just in case the page changes ,and it's not seen by the reader.

Important  link for  the  writer -suggested by teacher Salim.


creative writing prompts


Wishing you happy blogging and  a very happy new year 2011.









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Comment by Natasha on January 26, 2011 at 19:13

Dear Nadira,

Your blog post is like a good book! It has interesting thoughts and significant illustrations. Thanks!

Salim's link is very helpful too -- thank you and Salim! :)

Comment by Nebia on December 31, 2010 at 21:42

Blogging is existing in MyEC.

You get popularity, friendship and a place at the top stars by blogging and interacting in MyEC.

Just try it!

You will get addicted easily.

Comment by Expector Smith on December 31, 2010 at 11:31
What is a blog? Good question. I had no idea until I joined MyEC. You write something and others add some comments on it, which is a blog in my mind. I wonder whether MyEC could have been so popular if there was no blog on it. I enjoy reading blogs by MyEC members.
Comment by R H Elgohary on December 30, 2010 at 12:37

2010 IS 10 hour more to go as a Qatar time , and will gone for ever what ever we get in this year even good or bad ,successful or faild ,piece or ware ,we are welcome the 2011 with hope to have better world economy and piece in politics and happienes for all people around the entire world .

 2010 was very hard for all business and none business companies and people ,there are many companies lost there business and stop working , and other face so many problem of paying back the worker salary or to keep the work moving because the banks stop send the money as the agreement ,and the banks also had the same problem so many people get too mach loons or credit and no one have enough money to pay the bank back.

 To know more about the reason why world economy had the most problem ever had since 1940 like what i read and hear , because there are many people lost thier jobs and other lost piece withen thier family and life and other lost thier power as  companies or managament .

Most of the people said the main problem coming or start from the US economy or US banks or US economic plans or from faild one of the power ful and world wide company ,that is because all the world companies look at the US as aleader and they felow all news and want to be part with US companies ,to feel safe and also to be in sector from any problem ,they belive that american sestem is so enteligent and he is belive me.and does not leave any thing by chance because US study the business very good ,and make the perfict rulles to keep the business keep moving, successfull, keeping growing from small idea to be the world wide company , so if any problem touch the main or the mother company in US naturlic all company around the world has something to do with this company will suffer from the same problem .

 I think i am traing to find out or to be close to give the idea how start and fall the economy in the all world in the last three year .and i hope ,praying to allah to be held and success and to grow great bussenss strong economic plan to have all people back to there jobs all companies are stop working to be back to business again with all there worker and safe so many family life..

2010 is almost gone for ever , i hope every one had adream in the last year to have it in the new years done, also to all my friend who had any kind of problem in the last year i wish them happy life with all success  ..




Comment by R H Elgohary on December 30, 2010 at 11:19



Comment by ADNAN on December 30, 2010 at 10:20
when i read my mind blocked  ^_*   Reallly nice start specially addition of picture give chance to understand quickly
Comment by Grace on December 30, 2010 at 5:38

Very practical suggestions. Thanks for your nice post.

Comment by nida on December 30, 2010 at 5:17

Wow, nice question by Ohnie!


I also want to know about such a place. ^_^

Dearest Nadira, if you know any such place, please do let me know. ^_*



Comment by Ohnie on December 30, 2010 at 5:03

Hmmm...write a blog and get paid?

How about read a blog and get paid?

Is there such a place???


Comment by nida on December 30, 2010 at 4:53

This is outstanding Nadira!


Your blog is so encouraging, especially for new bloggers. I wish you had written it before I wrote my first blog! ^_^

I was really nervous when I wrote my first blog, and I still feel nervousness while writing a blog. Your blog is very helpful for most, if not all, of us.


Thanks a lot for this useful and wonderful blog. Thanks a lot for the links too. Your photo selection for blog is wonderful as usual.

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