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I am common among uncommon
Sometimes I touch the sky
Sometimes confine in myself
Sometimes I love company, party
Sometimes love to be deserted
Sometimes I express my desires
Sometimes deny even what I require
Sometimes I like all laughters 
Sometimes want to be quiet
I am frank, but different,
I am common among uncommon

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Comment by Mishaikh 19 hours ago

Wow @usrariasat it is good to see you after a very long pause, if you are the same previous one  Usra Riasat, and if, and delighted to have usrariasat.


Comment by usrariasat 20 hours ago

IT feels good to read your poem...

Happy sunday..

Comment by Mishaikh 21 hours ago


Thanks for your sweet comment.  I am glad you like it.

Comment by Jade yesterday
How lovely it is!I see the flow of emotions. I feel the breeze of tolerance. I know that you have made peace with the universe. Thank you for sharing that. I like it:)
Comment by Mishaikh on Friday

Yes, this is a "strength", I I do feel myself "strong" when I describe such feelings, (Romance, love).  But when I say "Love" I try to "universalize" it.  Not confine to my own feelings.  Because the feelings of love which I visualize, is "everyone's".

Thanks @Rose Iris 

Comment by Rose Iris on Thursday

You are not common. You are a special person, Mishaikh.


In fact, most men deny being romantic. At least in public. It's a weakness in their eyes. You have the power to show emotions, and you know very well how to express them in words. That is not a weakness, but a strength.

We human beings are contradictory. We have two souls. The first soul wants one thing and the second wants something else. Both souls often fight. Who wins the fight depends on the mood.

Sometimes, the first soul will win, and sometimes, the second.

Comment by Mishaikh on Thursday


Good to see you after quite a period.  There are certain people, whom I like to wait..................

Comment by Mishaikh on Thursday

Thanks @O. M. for your nice addition.

Comment by Evangelina on Thursday


I am common among the uncommon”

I believe that is pretty nice to be, common people are rather interesting people. I like this piece of writing.

Sometimes, sometime is just a nice word to use. 

Thumbs up :)

Comment by O. M. on Wednesday

Let me join your words, Mishaikh ))) m also common )))

Thanks for sharing ))

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