How to get a reasonable price for buying things from a foreign country!!!

Hello Guys,

Have you ever experienced of buying some thing that your country does have?

Or have you ever experienced of buying from your domestic but get a very high price as this product is made in other countries,there should added too much import rate by your country wholesaller or big companies?

I am sure you guys all have those experiences, I did eighter.

Maybe some of you might think how I could know those,it is true i did not know about those until i worked as an overseas seller,

So let me just make a very short introduction of myself first here as it been really a long while not come here since changing my work to a overseas sales man,

My name is Wayne and I had been here for a long while when i was learning English here,I did no go to university so learning English is harder for me compare with other people,So everything i have to learn by myself, no teacher,no technic tandard books,I thanks for English club learning site,it is provide me with a very good resources and also a lot of people learn here,I have a lot of friends here but don't know if some of them still remember me,that helped me a lot for improving my Writting,Listening,also my prononcing,Thanks a lot my friends,

Ok,Let's get down to business,

I am here to share my experience is because we really have to pay too much to buy some imprt things,it could not be that much as we paid,we paid that much just for thos people who are much richer than us,Haha,

We all know nowdays it is very easy to get into internet,to sourcing,looking for something you interested or something you really need it now urgently.But to buy it in our own country have two situation,1.the product is very expensive,2.the product is so rare,you have to buy it in some professional store,

Now we have American Amazon which known by everybody, We don't have to buy everything from only the US Amazon,because US dollar is expensive fom most of our countries,In this case we can try to search things we need from other Amazon site in different countries, that way can save money,

Also we can buy from Ebay, Ebay is much cheaper compare with Amazon,as sellers on Amazon has to pay too much for the Amazon company, Except of all those We still have a very good choice,

That is the Aliexpress, It is an overseas selling online selling store,

I recommed for Aliexpress is because everyone knows China is the biggest country for Manual industry,Even the Apple products are made in China,but just assemblied in California,

China has too many factories making too much different products in there you can buy everything you want with a very reasonable price as thos product are factory direct price, you don't have to pay for too much import cost,and also buy it very safe from there as if there is a problem with the product and services you can start for a customer protection,the ALIBABA company will handle on it very fast.

Don't believe me?

Just have a try to search for Aliexpress by your search engine or you can take a look on my personal online store, the I-teck Technology Co.,Ltd.

See you guy, will be back when soon,

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Comment by Grace Ra on June 21, 2015 at 5:40

Thanks for the information

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