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How Can Technologies Help Us Learning English?

For now, technologies are constantly helping us to start from organizing our days ending up with the Virtual Reality applications available for everyone. There are many kinds of technologies, meeting us on every corner. We can start with the iPhones and iPads and how do they impact our abilities to learn English and explore the outside world as well. There are various approaches to learning English, let's go through some of them, from the easiest ones to some requiring installations and the tech skills.

1) Switching your device to English. This is literally the easiest way to get familiar at least with the part of the lexicon. You can switch your device to English in two cases: A. If you just started to learn the language. B. If you are on your way to the UK or the US.

2)Listen to some podcasts, read some books and apply to the courses you will find on the Internet. With your portable mobile device, it will be much easier to attend this classes every day. Daily reminders will never let you forget about the classes.

3) Find some thematic forums like Quora, discover the American social networks like Reddit and Tumblr, and learn not only the literature English but the alive language used by native speakers to communicate on various topics.

4) Connect your scientific interests with your English studies. For this, you will need to find some thematic podcasts or videos, per example, on TED, and research the topic.

5) Install some apps like Duolingo to check your grammar and fulfill your vocabulary on a daily basis. This application contains daily reminders too, also it is very interactive and interesting. It allows learning English from the very beginning.

6) Find your pen-friends abroad. There are a plenty of applications allowing communicating with the people abroad to study their language and culture as well. The good and famous example is the Global Friend application available in the App Store.

7) Browsing the possibilities. If your English language is good enough and the applications are kinda boring for you, you can go ahead and discover the possibilities to go abroad. The cross-cultural exchange is a very good possibility to discover the language and culture for the participants from both countries. There are platforms like Salto-Youth and AIESEC offering global exchange experience.


8) Working globally. You can even start your career abroad and discover the world from the totally unknown side.


The technologies like iPad and iPhone can be used not only for entertainment purposes and social networks. They open the world full of possibilities in front of you. For the faster access to the interesting topics and possibilities, you can sync iPad and iPhone and receive the notifications at the same time.

But remember, nothing is cooler for the start of learning than the same old classes with the teacher. Only the professional can explain all the niceties and work with you on every your mistake.

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