How messed you have made your life up! I warned you it is a fire, it would burn you.  Love………. true love does not exist, and if exist it is hard to find. But you didn’t give a heed go my advice. Now, look what a mess you have made! What an idiot I have been wasting energy to advise you. She has gone, left you lingering between reality and imagination. It would have better if you have understood.  How strange it was, you didn’t believe me, me your close friend, on the contrary, you believed her, when I knew since the beginning she was just playing with you, with your emotions, just enjoying.  You have been a toy for her. You remember when you said, “Wow! What a cool girl she is!” and I told you, that she was not your type, you are so simple, so easy going, her coolness will burn you one day when the game is over. O, how I wish you would have believed me!  Hey! That is not a brilliant idea just to lie here cutting yourself from life. What a handsome man you were! And now what a mess you’ve made your life.  How quickly you understand this, I can only wish. “O man! Love is not easy, I have always been saying love is a sphere of fire, it incinerates the victim, and there has been no bike which can give you ride through this fire, except wisdom, and it is wise to guard the heart with wisdom.




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Comment by Mishaikh on Friday

Thanks Mayumi

I wish you all the best is love life, Mayumi

Comment by Mayumi on Friday

.. It is wise to guard the heart with wisdom..

You just end it with a bang! Very well said. Personally, I'm not strong on this kind of thing. The quote 'Love as you never love before' I guess is what I'm following. 

Comment by Mishaikh on Thursday

O. M. "The only way to make no mistakes in love is to avoid falling in love ."

Very well said, but unfortunately it is not in our hand to avoid falling in love.  Dr. Iqbal had very well said:


SOME TIME LEAVE IT (HEART) ALONE. (May be to let it fall in love).

Comment by O. M. on Wednesday

If we try to do something, we will likely make mistakes. The only way to make no mistakes in love is to avoid falling in love )) Unfortunately, love cannot be rationalized, you may end up falling in love with a person whom others consider inappropriate for you.

Thank you, Mishaikh, for sharing )))

Comment by Mishaikh on Wednesday

Thanks for your opinion saba

Rose Iris Will Very well explained, thanks.

Comment by Rose Iris Will on November 13, 2018 at 19:53

Hi, Mishaikh.

Also if we advice someone only for their benefit, we fail. If she/he has fallen in love, we say she/he wears pink glasses. They see everything as they want to see it, and often, it is very far from the reality.

Everyone has to make own mistakes and learn from them. 

We can't do anything else than to be with a friend and catch her/him when she/he is falling. Listening to and encouraging is the best way to comfort then.

Comment by saba on November 13, 2018 at 18:51

Youth rarely listen to this advice. I agree with Svitlana.

Comment by Mishaikh on November 13, 2018 at 12:02

priya - Svitlana

Thanks a lot or liking and appreciations.

Svitlana you have explained comprehensively.

Comment by Svitlana on November 13, 2018 at 9:02

No one believes that love can be gone. When we fall in love we are happy and hard sure it will be forever. In spite of our broken hearts we are looking for love again and again. No one listens to advice to be careful and care of a heart. All of this warning is just wasting your time. The best teacher is an own mistake.
Nice writing, dear Mishaikh. This situation is widespread in our life.

Comment by priya on November 13, 2018 at 7:45

Nice to read.

true love does not exist, and if exist it is hard to find. .......... Fantastic words.

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