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I liked many aspects of Egypt, but not everything.

I was fortunate to travel around Egypt last year. The weather was still pleasant yet cooling down and I travelled by plane, train, mini-bus, coach, felucca and camel; I travelled alone but met and made many friends there.

I began my journey by flying to Sharm el Sheikh on the Red Sea, a beautiful, quiet bay called Nabq. September there was amazing.  I spent two weeks in Cairo and a long time in Luxor, I journeyed to Abydos with a group of ex-pats I was fortunate to meet and visited Qena and Dendra briefly. I enjoyed the festival of Eid in Aswan and felt abandoned in Hurghada when I didn't speak to an English person once. I flew over to Sharm el Shiekh from there to spend a few more weeks on the Red Coast before flying back to cold, wet, miserable Manchester in December.

I experienced the richness of the culture, the spirit and the determination of the people. I experienced the generosity of families who invited me to dinner and the good humour of the men who played backgammon long into the night at a little coffee shop. I attended many weddings (it was the time of Eid - the feast/festival) and the brides were magnanimous towards me.

I experienced the desperation of those in tourist areas trying to part me from my money and I learned to speak Arabic (not all of it, just enough to get by).

I was introduced to the poverty alongside the wealth. I witnessed what I thought was the worst driving in the world in Cairo, but changed my mind to say it was probably the best driving in the world because of the skill of avoiding other cars when there didn't appear to be any rules of the road.

I visited the pyramids, the tombs, the museums and other delights that Egypt has to offer.

The time of my journey was one of great political unrest. I experienced fear when a spontaneous crowd gathered and I experienced peace and tranquillity when I was fortunate to visit mosques and churches.

Before I returned from my 3 month tour of Egypt I was lucky enough to stay in a beautiful hotel and be well looked after by the staff. My skin was golden, my spirit was lifted and I learned to appreciate my self.

Yes I did like Egypt - except the mosquitoes!

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Comment by Ali on May 2, 2012 at 17:03

Thanks Zahra for your comments and recommendations.

I think Iran is a bit difficult to visit at the present time, but one day I will visit. I'll add it to my list.

Thank you, Ali

Comment by Zahra on April 29, 2012 at 15:59

Thanks dear Ali for sharing a summary of your experiences in Egypt.

I hope that one day you come to my country, Iran, especially to my beautiful city, Shiraz.

Iran has different climates. You can visit deserts, mountains, rivers, seas, jungles,etc.

We have different cultures,customs, accents, and different styles of clothing, etc.

We have a beautiful holy shrine in Mashad; the architecture is just awesome.

We have lots of mosques, and some churches,too.

Lots of monuments, tombs of famous poets, and so on.


Have a nice time


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