Eva's Writing Challenge - My next participation, The woman by the window

It was a new day. In this morning, the green valley was bathed sunrise, just like on other days. Birds were singing and starting their daily rituals. The dew was shining like the crystals with the sunrise,  which had fallen on the flower petals. That wonderful morning, a stranger was coming, through the narrow path down the valley. He was a young boy, tall, handsome and smart. If the morning was so much beauty, his face appeared with a very pleasant smile. His name was Dilan.

There was a beautiful big house the end of the valley. It closed to the road. That big house was surrounded by a high parapet wall and it stood in the valley, with a very proud stance. The large balcony had filled with different type of flowers. No one could see around. So Dilan watched that house as he desired. Also, it was a small window on a corner of the balcony. He just stopped and vanished his smile.  A beautiful woman was looking at him with a smile, by the window. He just felt like a thief himself. Blushed his face. He forgot to smile back. But he couldn’t take out his vision. Because her eyes had bound with his eyes very tightly, in that a few seconds, like an illusion. He tried to pass that place quickly.

When he entered the population road where placed his office. It was an Engineering firm that he had joined since one week. He started to work after meeting his colleagues. If he is attending to do whatever, He couldn’t forget that innocent eyes, which he had seen in the morning. That beautiful face, pleasant smile, that everything began to rotate around his mind. For a moment, he tried to forget her. But it was not an easy task. When, he recalled that facial expression, his heart became filled with delicate feelings. “How beautiful she is?” He whispered to himself.

That day, he felt the time was very slower than other days. At the end of the day, he left the apartment immediately. Because his aim was to see that face again. When seeing that house from away, his heartbeat was rapid. But he could make courage to see that window again. Just as he had hoped, that nice smile could be seen again through the window.

The days passed quickly. Their eyes began to speak, at the very first moment they saw each other. Both of them became very close in hearts during that period. The love, how was left out from their eyes, even felt around the nature.

One evening when he was coming along the road, the huge gate had been opened in that house.

 “Son, ” He stopped the voice of a gentle. Just a person appeared in front of him.

“Son, I want to speak with you a bit. Can you come with me.”?

Dilan was following him without any speaking. Inside that house was very charming and quiet.

Her father started to speak very calmly. “I know everything about you. Your office in charge is one of my friends. He has told me everything about you. Also, I know the affair with my daughter and you. But still, you have seen only her face. You don’t know other anything about her. She is a disabled girl. She has disabled a year ago, in an unfortunate accident. Now she cannot walk alone.

Dilan was shocked and speechless. His eyes just filled with tears. He felt, stuck something inside his throat. He looked at father in an extremely desperate manner.

Then, she came with her mother. Mother was behind her wheelchair. Just he stood. He couldn’t believe his eyes. That much she was beautiful. Like an angel. She was looking at him, with her fascinating smile.

“Son, this is the time, you can take any decision”

He slowly went to her and caught her hand with great emotion.

“Darling, I do love you so much. I never leave you. Your disability, couldn’t disable my love.” He said it with a firm tone.

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Comment by nixon on December 21, 2018 at 9:29
Great narrative skill
Comment by Elen on November 5, 2017 at 11:53

Aww, pure love... Sweet story, Kal :)

Comment by Kal on October 27, 2017 at 8:43

Dear Rosemary,

Thank you so much liking my post.Your words made me a lot.

Comment by Rosemary :) on October 27, 2017 at 7:40

 I liked ur story :)

Comment by Kal on October 25, 2017 at 3:59

Dear Andy,

Thank you so much for reading me.

Comment by Kal on October 25, 2017 at 3:58

Dear Rose,

I know you are always encouraging me and every learner.  Your lovely words made me a lot. And always you have shown your pure and great thoughts, through your writings.

Highly appreciating your kindness, my dear!

Comment by Kal on October 25, 2017 at 3:58

Dear Rahul,

Thank you so much for your lovely words and indicating my mistake. I got it that you have shown, with the positive manner. And again, I wrote it like this: "Her father started to speak very calmly"

Highly appreciating your kindly help, my little brother.

Comment by Rose Iris Will on October 24, 2017 at 16:34

Dear Kal, thanks for sharing such a nice and touching story. I loved reading.

There is not only one single opportunity to create an exciting plot, as we can see. Your interpretation of the title is a beautiful idea. Real love is unconditional. Our eyes look at someone with our heart.

Keep writing!!!

Comment by Kal on October 24, 2017 at 10:39

My dear sweet Onee,

Thank you so much again and again for your kindly help and sweet comment. Your precious time, effort, really I owe you for everything. I can imagine how much lucky your students.

I agreed with you and believed it: True love will change everything better. But I think in this fantasy world very difficult to find that kind of lovers dear. (Also, believe me, I didn’t have such an experience before or after my proposal marriage :D)

Comment by Onee-chan on October 24, 2017 at 6:47

Dear Kal

How sweet he is! True love will change everything better, do you agree?. :)

I still don't believe in love at the first sight, though. ^^ 

Here are a few corrections I can make:

It was a new day. In the morning, the green valley was...

~ 'be coming' means approach. I think you mean, 'a stranger came'

He was a young boy, tall, handsome and smart.

If/When the morning was so much beauty, his face was filled with a very pleasant smile. [Something is wrong with the word 'was filled', hope you can find another word. Maybe 'appeared']

He forgot to smile back.

~ 'If he attends to do whatever'. Kal, maybe you mean 'When he was working,'

“How beautiful she is!

That day, he felt time was very slower than other days. At the end of the day, he left the apartment immediately because his aim was to see that face again.

Then, she came with her mother.

Great story with a deep message! ^_^

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