EC should have advertisements on its website.

Hello..I think in order to make this website more evolving and financially sustainable, It should display Ads.   i hope those who manage this website are listening, What do you all think ?

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Comment by Onee-chan 8 hours ago

Reading all comments, I smile. ^^

Rajesh, I agree with you. lol

Hi Rene, you have a great attention for MyEC. Hope to see you around! :)

Comment by Rajesh 19 hours ago

I don't think Mr. Josef needs to do that. :D He has enough dollars to run EC ad-free. :D

Comment by Rene on Saturday

PAUL Thanks for your opinion, It has nothing to do with Josef Essberger, His English is not that bad LOl : )) I sometimes watch Ads on Youtube if I feel i can help them running their channel well. ( Specially animal related channels)  

Comment by Rene on Saturday

 Hardi Thanks for expressing your opinion about this, i agree with almost all your point and concerns about things which are polluting the world, some ads are really useless and irritating but few may be a bit useful and interesting, I just wanted to see the website last forever. : )) 

Comment by PAUL on Friday

Josef? is it you? Lol once i thought only an admin can bring such topic. I never seen anyone who is billing to see ads. Maybe you do not know but there are some puliggins that block ads that used by over million people. Those other ones that dont use them are not aware of those pluggins i guess. Anyway at least this topic takes people's attention... Willing to see ads eveywhere..

Comment by Hardi on Friday

PS. I better use this chance here also, to say thank you to Josef Essberger and myec team, for the good job, for managing this site and doing it in a way, that keeps planet earth away, from harm of ads. :)

Comment by Hardi on Friday

Nice to see that you are thinking for the ways to improve the world for everyone. But I think, that advertisement should be the last resolve, if at all. And I'm sorry. I have always ABP turned on, all the time, on ever website I visit. Some websites tell me nicely to turn it off. Some just won't show context when they detect that I use ad block.. Actually, how can they even detect it? That's already alarming. It should be not their business what kind of software, or filters I run in my computer.. I can define what kind of info about my workstation is shown to outside web. Including operating system and web browser version and type.. So they should not know anything else. Maybe the apb is just so kind and fair, that it lets them know what I'm using? I don't know. Probably they assume it, because no ads is downloaded by my ip address? And apb is guite popular filter.. Or are they hacking somehow? Well I just leave from those sites who don't show me any context without ads.. But I really suspect, that they are doing something out of law. It should never be their concern what software I use. Or which part of screen I watch.. I could just cover the screen with my hand too, or just a sticker, right?

Most ads won't do anything good to anybody. If it was something you need, they would not force it upon to you.. Right? The worst is when you have to look same ad that you don't like, over and over again. Even though they tell you how they use "advanced" technologies, like cookies and etc. They still don't know when it's enough? 
They won't enrich web. Rather they pollute. And not only the web, but also environment. All the resources, that are used for showing the ads.. How much more time it takes to load a web page full of ads? And then, when people still won't buy their junk.. It's all in vain. World polluted.. And even worse if they make consumers to buy garbage, that they have to recycle, or secretly drop to somewhere, because don't want to bay for recycling or for landfill... Is it ethical to get money from the advertising companies, when they are like that? I see it's appealing, to sell web space on for adds on your site, it sounds like money found from ground, but unless you can get a contract with some really high quality advertisement company who has some conscience. It doesn't sound good. And probably u would then not make much money too, because proper advertisement company can't throw consumers money out like that.. Well, I guess.

I don't judge people, who sell space for ads on their sites. I understand good enough, that it cost money to maintain the site and that money don't grow in trees.. But I still block the forced ads anyways, I don't know how much I really care about our planet or how much I care about other planets, but I definitely care about my health and my time and money. So I don't like ads.

Whether I would like to donate some money for my favorite web spaces.. I don't know. I never done that even when they ask it. Don't know, if I was rich.. Maybe I'm just too greedy bastard and would always say the same: "If I was rich." I mean when would I consider my self rich, is it like, If I had some hundred more, if I had some thousand more, if I had some hundred thousand more, some millions more.. a billion more? I don't know. ;)

Comment by Rene on Friday

Estanis Thanks for Expressing your opinion, Agree with that.

Comment by Estanis on Thursday
I think in this matter the manager is playing his cards right, by other hand it's members' responsibility (with the help of moderators) to keep this site lively for being attractive.
Comment by Rene on January 10, 2019 at 10:38

Rose Iris Will to maintain such a large website one needs some financial assistance to run it smoothly, it is just an idea which may help doing it.

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