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A little dirty spot on the floor,

It’s daunting, right?

You managed to sweep the dirt from all over the floor, except that little spot, despite the fact that it’s just a little one plus sometimes it takes much less time to clean it, so why don’t you complete your job and clean that one too? It’s easy to say but hard to perform, I will tell you why.

Once you realized that you’ve done 99.9% of your task whether it’s accurate or not you tend to turn away from completing the little 0.1% why?

Because, actually, I’ve been working on the huge chunk why can’t have a rest? After all, I deserve it.

Actually, no one could argue you about that but, when you get the large portion of your work done, just continue to complete that little 0.1% of the task, even if it’ll take more time than the large portion. And here is why:

- When you left that 0.1% undone, that means you didn’t complete your task, why? Obviously, that little 0.1% turns out to represent the whole task.

- You will feel lazy to go back and finish out your task because you always look at that large portion, however, when you compare it to the little 0.1% you’ll find yourself you didn’t do anything except procrastinate the task.

My advice:

Always complete your task, even if you feel tired and you can’t continue just do it, you will be pleased with the outcomes.

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Comment by Onee-chan on June 22, 2018 at 15:42

Hi Rayan,

Great advice! Hoping to read from you more. :)

Comment by Roman on June 20, 2018 at 22:09

Hi Rayan Abdulrrhman!

It is a coincidence, but today I left one dirty spot uncleaned :D

I had to do one job in the village, but I left it unfinished. Maybe it happened because of procrastination, but I will definitely do it later :D

Comment by yassir on June 20, 2018 at 13:33

Nice blog RAYAN , which encourages and boost up the value of loyalty when doing any task,,and the important thing in my opinion that if this job the one carries out is paid , then the outcome should be as equal as the payment ,,great blog , continue my compatriot :) 

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