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Story About My Painting - Deep In Borneo

Once in my life, I wanted to take a break of usual life and take a look at monkey pot...deep in the jungle in Borneo.

I saw a bed of monkey pot. It was the time when i was in Borneo Island. Joining a trail with some friends, to meet up with nomadic native, a tribe called Penan.

It was deep in the jungle in place called Long Seang, which rarely heard even to the locals. We were there to experience the other side of human life.

I saw a bed of monkey pot. It was a long journey indeed, hop off from plane, on 4WD for 6 hours, off road for 2 hours and finally uphill on foot for 1 hour.

It was the time when i saw the monkey pot. The local told me, the monkey pot is a mean of survival. For those living inside here, it is source of water, naturally filtered. In the other side of human life, things might be different than what we used to think.

That day we decide to leave our usual life for something else. Living in the world without mobile phone or android, without lap top and internet, no FB, no McD, no streaming TV, no MP3. with neither bed nor fridge.

We get to experience a slice of their life. We thought they are poor. We thought they are living in nothing.

In the other side of human life, every little things get to the basic. Shall we say they are pathetic. Or instead should they feel pitiful for us.

We are pitiful because we are fragile, cant live without mobile phone, android, lap top, internet, FB, fridge and bed. We cant live without pollution and contamination, artificial flavour and fake colour.

In the other side of human life, they have the whole jungle as their playground. They have rivers for their leisure pool. They have stars for their lights. They dont have to pay for their foods. They dont have to worry about monthly bill and bank installment.

For them, jungle is their life and blood. Without jungle they cant survive. But someday after that I was thinking, can we survive in jungle for more than 2 days?

The day I went back, I kept the memory of staying with them in the painting of monkey pot.

In the other side of human life, things are different than what we used to think. Chill...

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Comment by N Naim on May 7, 2012 at 18:49

Kerenina, Keira, Marcel, Dinushi, Luthfi, Robbie: Nice to have all of your comments here.

Once a while, just take a short break, to find somewhere other than our usual routine, reconsider our perception, to tame out our agony, refreshing up mind, and look inside where people seldom see. =)

Comment by Dinushi on April 29, 2012 at 8:33

WOW this is a great blog. I think they have better life than us.

In this century, most of the people think money is everything. They love physical objects, and they don't think about spiritual side of life. 

Thanks for sharing your experience with us. :)

Comment by Robbie on April 28, 2012 at 15:08

It must have been a memorable journey you had in Borneo. I bet you learned many things, discovered nature, and enjoyed the fresh breeze. Real life adventures would teach us to appreciate things that we never usually see or do. It's true, that most aboriginal people survive for a longer time because of their ability to live without worrying too much. They are less prone to contamination because their food doesn't have artificial chemicals as to what the people eat  in the city. 

Great art, N Naim! You are blessed....keep nurturing it! Hope to see more of your masterpieces in the future. : )

Comment by N Naim on April 27, 2012 at 16:08

Nadira,Mayumi,Olasandra,Morti Meni: The forest which i had being and the native i met both are seriously endangered by logging activities. Both legally and illegally trimming down their space to live. So sad but it is continuously happens until today. They are used to simple life and cant be able to adapt to artificial surrounding like we are having. We instead need to learn how to respect other people and stop trespassing.

Bob, Hussein: 2 days 2 night with them was somehow a mix feeling of mentally torturing though at the same time exciting and interesting. But anyhow, I don't think could be able to repeat that again.

Mayumi: Chill over here means a really chilling experience. All (3 of us) had different experience during night, about what we heard and seen. Anyway we were not dare to tell anything about it until we were completely out from there. We thought it was never happen to others until we started to tell about it. Though we still believe if we mean no harm, nothing harm will come across, but we start asking do we dare to go there again.

Comment by Nadira on April 27, 2012 at 4:30

we  take  life for  granted  and  survival comes in any form  life  style .

Your  blog  was  awesome  and  it  was  fantastic  reading  it  ... Keep  up  good  blogging

Comment by Mr. Bob on April 25, 2012 at 15:37

I agree that we would have a difficult time trying to live the way we are used to away from our modern cities.  Many of us would not be able to learn to survive and would die very soon.  Beautiful Monkey Pot picture!

Comment by olasabra on April 25, 2012 at 11:03

splendid drawing, you really have a great knack and good imagination. besides, i agree with your persepective in native people. the majorty of them are armed with good health and clear thoughts. unfournately, the jungles have begun to dwindle and we will pay the price for that.

Comment by Mayumi on April 25, 2012 at 8:56

........the trademark,.........Chill.. :)

Comment by Mayumi on April 25, 2012 at 8:55

The pictures look like from National Geographic Magazines..Wow! You really got many talents...

There are only few forests left in the world. And even native people like you mentioned above has becoming lesser and lesser as they join those people in the city. Natives are the ones who remind us we can live simple life without harming the nature.

Comment by N Naim on April 24, 2012 at 19:24

Sandeep: thanks, Indeed it is an amazingly unforgettable experience to be switched off from typical life and return to something very basic. Their life is blended with nature to compare from us which we are instead 'stepping on the nature'. From their face, we could see they are very fresh and happy;almost nothing to worry about in their life.

Anele: The painting is about monkeypot, a unique fauna lushly found in tropical area like Borneo jungle. The colour is also interesting because it range from the lightest green to the darkest green. It has a shape like a pot, and thats how they are called monkeypot. The important feature is that it contained filtered water, often provides lifeline for those who short of water during hunting or just lost in the jungle.

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