When I was a student of senior high school, I often went to my friend’s house after school. Going to her house, I would go across a small and short bridge. It is a paved road and its shape is like a small hill. So, before I got onto the bridge, I couldn't see anything in front of me.

I liked to bring my music player to school since I was fond of music. At that time, I still used walkman and cassette. I listened to music when break time. But, several times I saw that there were my friends who were listening music with earphone while riding motorcycle. I was wondering how they could do that. So, I tried once to do the same like they did.

One day, in the afternoon, after taking a rest for a while in my friend’s house, I came back to school for an extracurricular by motorcycle with her behind my back. I put my walk-man in my placket and set the earphones. At that moment, I liked hearing any song by Linkin Park. Yeah, I used to like rock music very much. When I was approaching the bridge,

     I wanna run away, never say goodbye…
     I wanna know the truth, instead of wondering why…
     I wanna know the answer, no more lies…
     I wanna shut the door and open up my mind

the lyrics of Runaway by Linkin Park were clinging on my ears. I was really enjoying the song and riding about 55 km/hour.

Suddenly.............”BRUUUUUUK", the song was cut by a sound of crash. My head was on the road and one of my legs was under the motorcycle. I didn't know where my turtle helmet was. All my belongings fell down to the ground. I heard my friend called my name, but I ignored her. I tried to get up and the first thing I wanted to find was … MY WALKMAN. I felt so sad because my walk-man was opened and the cassette was out of the place.

After collecting the belongings, I realized that it was an embarrassing crash. I bumped into a car right after down the bridge. I found that the car was not moving. Fortunately, I and my friend didn’t get hurt so much and my motorcycle was still okay to be ridden again. The owner of the car was only standing up behind the car after checking his car was okay. Then, he looked at me with a strange and sarcastic gaze and said, “You’re lucky you just bumped my bumper car”. I was so speechless and only said, “I’m…really…sorry..., Sir".

Thank you for reading. It's me. Wish you like it. ^^

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Comment by Onee-chan on December 3, 2017 at 13:22

Thanks God, I was saved from those accidents. I'm more careful now.

Thanks for your reply, Roman. :)

Comment by Roman on December 3, 2017 at 13:18

Then you are lucky! :D

Yes Onee! You are right! I would never know that great feeling!

Comment by Onee-chan on December 3, 2017 at 13:14

Roman, I even didn't know what happen. :))) I got conscious right after I had arrived in the hospital with a little wound on my chin. ^^ I know the accident from people. :D I innocently asked them "What happen?" LOL....

If I had been there watching you, I would have said "Great attraction!" :D :D Kids always like challenge. If you never tried, you wouldn't know how it feels. ^^

Thank you so much for your reply and sharing your experience. :)

Comment by Roman on December 3, 2017 at 10:05

OMG! Onee... I have never been unconscious. So I can't imagine what did you do...

Once I was jumping through handmade springboard (Tramplin in my language) riding a bike. And there was one small detail. There was situated a big tree, right 10 meters of the way after the springboard, because it was in the forest. And everytime when we were jumping through that springboard, we used to avoid that tree, it was even more interesting for us. But once I wanted to jump farther then my friends. So I dramatically increased my speed and after landing there was too small distance to avoid the tree. I bumped it with a front wheel of bike and little bit later with my forehead. But I didn't even fell down:) Good that I beat the record of the distance of flight!:)

Thank you for sharing Onee! You have reminded me about the good moments from my childhood!

Comment by Onee-chan on December 3, 2017 at 9:36

Roman, ^^

Thanks for your cool comment. But, I was just grateful that my head was saved. I was in the middle of the road. LOL...

It's good to know you like LP, too. :)

The car stopped and took a half of the road. If I had been more careful, I could have avoided that.

Yeah, 6 accidents...kekeke.... No, I don't want anymore. :D One of the accidents, I was unconscious and was taken to the hospital, but I was okay after that. ^^ Roman, it's a cool history, but not cool at all to experience. :D However, all those moments become a lesson to me.

Thank you so much for your comment. ^^

Comment by Roman on December 3, 2017 at 9:21

Hi Onee! Your story is cool! I also like to listen to Linkin Park! My favorite are their two albums "Meteora" and "Hybrid Theory". My favorite songs are "In The End", "What I've Done" "Pushing Me Away" and "New Divide"... No, I think all their songs are my favorite songs!

I think, your accident happened NOT because of listening to music. But because of that car driver, who stopped right after the bridge.

6 accidents... JUST WOW! You are so cool! I have never even ridden motorcycle... Wow, it maybe was my dream of those days... "To ride motocycle and to listen to Linkin Park" What could be cooler that that...

Thank you for sharing this blog! I learned a lot of new and cool about you! Really thank you!

Comment by Onee-chan on December 27, 2015 at 21:56

Dear Junaid Tajdede62, and beethoven... Thank you so much for your time to read and liking. It means a lot to me. Again, thanks. :)

Comment by Onee-chan on April 7, 2015 at 3:28

arif saeed,,

Hehe..thanks for reading and I'm very glad you can enjoy my writing about my experience :D Of course I learned something from that. :)

Don't worry, my bro. Now I'm not that fond of music. Even I never listen to music with earphone or headphone anymore. But, yes, often, I used to listen music with high tone, using speaker active simbadda cst 9000 (Output RMS 50 Watt), without considering others. :D :D

Thanks for wishing me, ameen. :))

Comment by arif saeed on April 5, 2015 at 11:49

I really enjoyed reading your experience of listening music while riding and hope you learned something.

Listening music is a personal choice as people seek their enjoyment in different ways, so listening music is one of them.

However, I don't appreciate those listeners who are so callous about people around. Music listeners must bear in minds that the enjoyment they find in it causes a noise pollution for others, who aren't interested in it. But as per personal observation of my real life that whenever whoever warns music listeners to low its higher tone, they stand to defend and begin fighting with the effectee as if it is religiously compulsory for them :). Thus, they prove themselves inferior to animals by preferring it to human relations.

May Allah saves my sister from such incident in future! Ameen!

Comment by Onee-chan on March 16, 2015 at 15:25

Hello sister Anastasia,,

Thanks for coming, and I'm glad you enjoy it. Take care of you too..:)

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