The first time I took the Boeing 737 was in the eighties. It was a short flight from Khartoum to Jeddah. Since then, it was the only comfortable and safe aircraft for me. It is a medium plane with twinjet narrow aisle airliner. Of course, the upward trend in new wide and fast carriers was a new prospect for us.

The huge airplanes company produced new generations of its family. I used to enjoy boarding the Douglas DC9 from the old family series. Frankly, I found it safer than taking the 747 or the 777.

Since the tragedy of the Ethiopian 737 max8 airliner last week, and before that, the similar tragedy of the Indonesian 737 max8 airliner, about four months ago, by the way, both incidents happened immediately after take-off. My sincere condolences to the families of the victims in both Indonesia and Ethiopia. The two incidents spread their fearful shadows on the history of aviation. The updated 737 max8 & 9 variants in use now, became a nightmare.

I am not here to criticize or talk about technical things. I am just wondering how that would fall into the giant company, after the grounding of the aircraft. Mistakes occur. We are humans. Mistakes are our traits. Despite the grounding, the big loss, and some countries are looking for compensations, Boeing is still holding on. Its market shares are high. The scientists, engineers, technicians, and the different workers of the huge company are working hard day and night to find a solution to the problem.     


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Comment by Onee-chan 20 hours ago

The point is "Boeing is still holding on". NO COMMENT.

Thank you for sharing, Sir.

Comment by dara gino on Monday

 Domo  arigato Tam! I am glad to hear  that. Boeing 737 has been doing billions of hours of flights. You would find the aircraft wherever you go. It became very and normal for pilots round the world  to fly it. That was why I was wondering. I said to myself that something fishy was going on. Yes, I  saw that movie on  YouTube. Thanks, Tam for your nice comment. 

Comment by Tam on Monday

Hi, Dara. You misunderstand what I and Trump said. It means the same as you said. It's an irony. I heard the company, Boeing, corrected the new airplane's computer software. A cause of the crashes may be their computer software.

By the way, do you know the movie "2001: A Space Odyssey"? The content is about the computer Hal 9000 in the spaceship that became  out of control.

Comment by dara gino on Sunday

Kiya haal hain Mishaikh sahib? You are not online for some time. I hope everything is ok. Thanks for pressing the like button.

Comment by dara gino on Sunday

Fukano Tam! I definitely don't agree. Did you mean that I fly on a robot plain? No way! Oh my goodness! I am a backward man. My ideas are very old. I am clinging to the classical airplane that is flown by a man or a woman. We see robot plains that come from far away to strike certain targets. Someday you might remind me about it, Tam. Your technology is very fast compared to ours. Thanks for your comment on Boeing 737 max.

Comment by dara gino on Saturday

Danyavaad SNR! Thanks for pressing the like button.

Comment by Tam on Saturday

Hi, Dara. It's a recent hot topic. The U.S president, Donald Trump said "Airplanes are becoming far too complex to fly.", "Pilots are no longer needed, but rather computer scientists from MIT." I agree with him.

Comment by dara gino on Saturday

Shookran bizzaf Youssef! Daba, ana gadi  anais, wa lakin  I really used to like that aircraft a great deal. The recent models of it  are doing well in the service. Thanks for your nice comment on Boeing max.

Comment by Youssef on Friday

Nice blog!
what do you think about Airbus?

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