Because of My Carelessness [Part 2]

PART 1, the first time I was hospitalized. :D This time, I won’t tell you about the same case but the foolish ones that I can’t forget. :D

When I was at the college, I was a secretary of the student organization. On the active day, I went everywhere with much cash in my wallet. It was in the evening when I was home that I found there’s no wallet anymore in my back pocket of my jeans. I searched through my room, around the house, and also the park of my motorbike. No hope. I lost it. I calmly faced it without tears, though there was the money of organization, my driving licence, identity cards, Vehicle Number Registration Certificate (VNRC), Debit card, and I guess only a little cash of mine. I waited for one week, planned to use the money that would be sent by my mother to me monthly, though it’s not enough. When I was at the park of the campus at noon, I was called by the admin of the Majors Office. Lucky me! Someone told me that they received my student identity card. I immediately went there. They said that at that moment my wallet was in the hand of the park keeper who was very old. I met him and he smilingly gave the wallet to me. :D He said “Be careful! I found it fell on the road. Check first that your goods are still complete!”. “I can’t thank you enough, Sir. Yes, these are all the contents” Thanks God. Cash and cards were all safe. Yayy…:D Okay, no more saving wallet in the back pocket.

In the evening, it was my special day that I treated my friends in a small fish resto. I didn’t know why this oftentimes happened to me. I lost my wallet again after reaching home. LOL… That time I used my small bag and it was not in campus area. Also, I was not the one who drove, but behind someone's back. I searched all the long way where I was leaving and returning. With patience and smile, I went home without hope. :D Okay, I should receive it. “This time I lost all my cards, except the registration certificate. To make the new ones was really expensive. Hmm, I will make the new ones later” I said to myself. One week after, someone knocked at the house where I stayed. He was a food seller nearby. He looked for me and told me that he found the wallet in front of his stall. He found my address by reading information at my library card which there was my domicile address. There’s no money in my wallet anymore, but all cards were complete. I didn’t want to think negative at all, but thanked a lot to him. Thanks God, again. :D

One day in the afternoon, I put my Vehicle Number Registration Certificate in the front baggage of the motorbike. It’s because I needed to show it to the watchman of campus whenever I left the area. So, it made me easy and practical to cut the time. After finishing some affairs, I went home. Ah, what happened with me? that was the second time that I lost it. I had waited for a month hoping there might be a miracle. LOL. I was so reluctant to make a new one, because it would be a complicated matter and expensive, since I didn’t have any copy of it. I would make it later, I thought. A month later (2 months after the loss), It’s amazing that my mother phoned me saying that there’s a police came to deliver my VNRC (I’m not sure that this is the right abbr.:D). Wow! I was in the city, but my mother was in another town. That time I should commend that the police had worked very well. :D :p …and, I thought the watchman sent it to the police. How lucky I was! Thanks God. ^^

Last time, Oh!!! I hadn’t been cured of my bad habit. I had a new VNRC of motorbike which under my name, though it was my fathers. :D I showed it to one my close friend proudly, LOL… My friend told me that it would be better if I inserted a little note with my phone number in case of loss. After three days, it vanished without a trace before having the opportunity to give a little note. Though I had no clue, I tried to find it in everywhere I went that day. I was hopeless again. I joked with my friend that it would be back after 3 months, considering that I was always lucky. LOL… I didn’t make the new one, but just reported it to the police. Though the police gave me an easy way, I was reluctant to manage it, and again, expensive. I did what I said as joke. Not to wait, but I let it be as long as there’s no urgent matter. :D On the weekend, I wanted to clean my room thoroughly and make a little change. When I was sweeping the floor, after moving away something under my bed, I found something shiny. :) It was my VNRC……….LOOOOOOOL…

Well, I hope my stories can become a lesson to me and also you. :D Thanks Allah that YOU always returned what was in my hand. I’ll take care of the things more carefully. One more thing, my friends, it’s better to have a copy of the important cards/certificates/documents in case of something unpredictable. It would be easier to manage the substitute. The best safety is saving a scan of the originals on email or internet. :)

"It was a deep breath when we lost something. But believe that we will get the better substitute." :)

Thank you very much for reading. I’ll be pleased to have your comment and feel free to share your experience related to the loss or kinds of if there any. Have a pleasant day and take care! :)

[Note: all the photo were picked from inet]

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Comment by Mahboob l محبوب on June 11, 2016 at 17:12

I would do appreciated your thoughts:. AS you thinking deep of word and sentence.

specially when you put a Post in....  

Comment by Onee-chan on April 25, 2016 at 3:12

Sure, JET. We must be more careful. Thank you for your appreciation.

Comment by Onee-chan on March 10, 2016 at 22:25

Hi my friend Shaila, thanks a lot for the like. :)

Comment by Onee-chan on March 5, 2016 at 6:28


Ohh my dear friend, so sorry to hear that. I guess you're now more careful, just like I am. InshaAllah. :) You know when I am using my phone on the way, I will definitely hug my purse/handbag tightly. I'm full of vigilance with the strange people around. :)) :D

You are most welcome, and otherwise thank you for your kind reply. Have a nice day, saba! ^_^

Comment by Onee-chan on March 5, 2016 at 6:17

**Oh Mishaikh**,

Please don't wish so. Somehow, I'm afraid of doing so. No, I'm not careless anymore. I wish Allah always guide us to keep all the things right.

Thank you so much for reminding me. It's precious. :)

Comment by saba on March 4, 2016 at 16:11

Hi dear Onee,

It's a substitute.....I guess someone had stolen my wallet which was inside my purse, because I was talking with my cellphone and didn't notice my purse was unzipped.

Thank you so much for the wish and fast reply :)

Comment by Mishaikh on March 4, 2016 at 15:55

If you keep being so careless, and keep forgeting your things, one day may come that you will forget where you put your heart. 

Comment by Onee-chan on March 4, 2016 at 1:50

Dear Elen, Mitran, and MARY.... Big thanks for the likes. :)

Comment by Onee-chan on March 4, 2016 at 1:49

** saba..... ***

I feel glad to see you again. :) So, it's the substitute or the original one? I hope you won't lose anythings more. It's true that aside from money, the contain of wallet/purse are precious and important things.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog. ^^

Comment by saba on March 3, 2016 at 16:37

Lol, Onee

Once I lost my wallet that contained some cash and my identity card, I don't care about cash but I waited for two months to receive my identity card.

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