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Discuss the question


1. Which of the people in your family do you think are good_looking ?

why do you think so ?


2. Which physical traits are considered beautiful in your country ?


3. Why is male beauty recently becoming so popular ?


First i wanna discuss about 3 question  , the definition of masculinity may be changing .As gender roles are changing , men are less afraid to care about their looks . So they are spending more time and money on style and grooming . furthermore , consumerism is thriving and statistics show strong economies are extra cash in their looks and clothes .

The media are also playing a large role in popularizing the male beauty trend while profiting from it too . Recently , there has been a growing selection of health and beauty magazines which are aimed at men . additionally , TV shows which offer makeover advice and style tips are now popular with both men and women . famous media figures , such as David Beckham is not only well-known for his soccer skills but also for his cool hairstyles, sarongs , and nail polish ....

 anyway , What do women think about this boom in male beauty ?

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