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I am sitting down here, beside the computer, wanna to write something. It was a long time ago,when i wrote my first blog here.Today i went to the Job Fair hold by the goverment, did not plan to send out any resume,so did not bring any resume in my bag, came there just for a lookimg, to find out what kind of person are needed in human labour market, so i would like to come out a summary for what i had saw. Frist, there is a big demand in manufacturing industry in Chendu, Sichuan, for the factories moving from coastal cities to Western China because of the economic crisis  broke out in 2008 and the rising human labour costal cities. Chendu as the capital city of Sichuan province,  many universities are located here, accumulated a lot of high qualified people, and as a large population province, the hunman labour cost is much lower than the coastal cities,and people here are no longer wanna go to the coastal cities for a job, it is too far from home. So it is a good decision for manufactures move from coastal cities to western, both good for the manufactures and the wrokers. On the other hand hand, with the manufactures located here, the relarted indistry will grow up, and economical here will grow rapidly. Second, there are many consulting companies, but most of them a young and small, and they are looking for saleperson, to extend their market percentage, anf make them stronger. But i believe they have a nice prospect. Third, there are a lot of chances to us to find a job, but it is hard to find a right one. So i am waiting for the next job fair,and before that i will give out my career objects, and step up the milestone.

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