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As usual I didn't do anything for the New Year.. Almost. I didn't even watch the special tv. programs. There isn't anything to watch anyways. I already know what they show at New Years eve. It's "Dinner For One" lol

I've heard in germany they show this in each new yeareve already 40 years. Seems they copied germans here too, because they have shown it now also here at least 15 years or maybe 20.. :P

For Xmas they traditionally show "Home Alone" By The Way.

Anyways, I still saw the firework. I say saw, because, even if I didn't want to see it, it's almost impossible not to see and hear it. Since there's a lot of people who make the fireworks all over the place. No need to make your own, just look out from window and... well yes I actually watched it.. and took photos too. :P

At first the visibility was pretty fine.. like this

But soon the whole town was covered by smoke.. In the end it looked like this.

That's normal. It's how it always have here been.. for at least past 20 years, I think. Maybe more. I think about 5 or more years ago it was actually more.. Now people don't wast so much mone maybe..

(PS. Some rocket were launched really close by, to building.. so I did had to be careful at balcony, if they set it off wrongly it might hit the building)

Well some more photos..

But it's still a lot of waste of money I think. These bigger things for Firework.. I think they were something like 100€ or smth.. Crazy! Stupid rich people make fireworks for free to me. lol


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Comment by Hardi on March 5, 2012 at 12:53

Hello.^_^ Nice to see you, Fizzy. ^_^

Comment by Fizzy on March 5, 2012 at 9:45

usually on new year after wish my cousin happy birthday i'm off to bed and as i live higher ground with lots of tree surrounding it.. i'm not be able to see it.. only could hear the sound of fireworks...

btw.. hi hardi (^_^)?

Comment by Hardi on January 4, 2012 at 11:55

I don't know either, but I've read from news that in united states, there have been some cases where many birds were died, supposedly because of fireworks.

Yeah the thing that they shoot them all over the place is the case. When our Pipa was still alive she was always so scared of fireworks. She didn't know where to hide.. like under the bath in bathroom a nd so always shaking all over, but it was same with thunder. :)


Comment by Hardi on January 4, 2012 at 10:05

A pure hearted can't enjoy such things like fireworks. Think of birds that these fireworks kill each year, and the dogs with nice soft ears and pawns whom it scares.. There's sure many more cute animals who suffer from it. No Junko, your hearth can't be pure. It must be a wicked heart that desires evil things and chaos. :P

Comment by Tetyana on January 3, 2012 at 13:05

Dear Sunny Girl! You are so creative!!!! I admire your sense of humor..... it took me even more time than Hardy to understand this offer of a shirt for him.....Well done!!!!! 

Comment by Hardi on January 3, 2012 at 8:31

Thank you for the comments. vivian, Expector. ^_^

Comment by viviana on January 2, 2012 at 14:43

I have also been "stolen" for a few moments  by the  firework from my town. I liked the laughter and joy of the children who were watching, so I guess the waste of money worth it at least for that. I dont know if fireworks are just a cliche of celebrating a happy event, still I consider it a way of sharing ones joy. 

Comment by Expector Smith on January 2, 2012 at 10:24

Maybe we need to make some changes in celebrating. I asked myself who really enjoyed all of the fireworks - maybe kids. We need to change the way we celebrate, don't we?

Comment by Hardi on January 2, 2012 at 8:16

@anela, I don't know how to make atomic bomb.. There really exist some instructions in vast Internet how to make it at home. But all those instructions have one critical flaw. It's that you decay your self, before the bomb.. you won't last long enough to see your bomb finished. ^_^

@Junko, I love torturing you.


@thuonghuynh, Thank you. It took me a while, but at last I understood why you gave me that present. It's because I'm not wearing one on the avatar right. Well don't worry. Even as clueless as I am. I'm not doing anything improper here. As I once already explained to Junko, I'm at onsen(Japanese hot spring) on that photo. I know the correct dressing guide for bathing very well, so u can't deceive me to wear it. After all, that shirt is girlish. No superman nor spiderman wore anything like this. Also Gachi rangers have different outfits. You can't catch any bad guys while wearing your shirt. But thank you anyway.. But still, I'm totally fine as I am. ^_^

Well u can't expect any gratitude from an about 7 years old boy, when you give him a shirt as birthday present, right? But even so.. Thank you, auntie. :P

I look so youthful like this here, because I have this great ability to synchronize my physical appearance with my appearance of inner self by using the ki energy. It's very useful, because the entrance fee for kid is much cheaper to many places.. ^_^


Comment by Hardi on January 1, 2012 at 22:32

@Junko, Yasemin. Well sending big expensive things off, as a individual fireworks is still quite a waste in my opinion. Because those are more interesting from distance. To others, I think.. So basically it's more fun for your neighbors than for your self..

But as official firework, that's organized by the town's government. I think it's fine to make it. It's at least made professionally for all town's people, so it's nice. And usually the town involves sponsors for it, so it's not solely taxes wasted.. there's many who like to give money for it and advertise them selves..

Unfortunately our town's firework that's always set off, from downtown somewhere from at river bank. Is on direction that is not visible from my windows to well. It can seen a little if visibility is good, but... Usually there's too much smoke. I little saw our town's firework from tv news.. they said it lasted 7 minutes and was nice. I don't care to go to celebrate New Year in crowds. So I never seen it close. ....unfortunately. :)

Well, I think like those small sparklers that can hold in hand and then let it burn slowly..They're more peaceful. Though I never had chance to burn one.

In most of Japanese animes they always finish the firework with those sparklers.. and contest whose burns longer.. there will often be some romantic scene too... The firework  is one of the mandatory scene in every ecchi anime when things get romantic I think... either in the beach, or in festival.. lol

@anele I think, that here people have gotten better with it. They didn't shoot them off from balcony this year. They have got more careful.  Yet this year too, they reported that there was some fire started likely by fireworks, but not a single people got hurt. Last year I think people didn't get hurt too. When I was kid the things were worse. they didn't sell the fireworks, or bangers, or crackers, or anything like this in store. So kids made them by them selves. There was a dangerous things they made from aluminum.. there was 2 components needed I believe. I don't know the English name of other component. But one I believe was the powder of aluminum.. It made big bang. Well, actually I don't know how it was exactly made, or how it worked. It was said to be too dangerous some kids hurt own hand when it explode at hand, so I never thought of making it...  I've only tried make some gunpowder as kid by my self... I failed pretty much of course. It burnt too slowly without bang.. Just burnt with a lot of sparkles and terrible smell. No actually I tried to make some other thing(Nitrogen triode).. but it was so unstable, the little I got, exploded in my hand when I touched it.. I'm glad I couldn't do it in bigger quantity.. I spilled half the stuff when pouring it to filtrating paper... because I was very nervous, that mom, or someone might come and I get scolded... I dried the paper on heater of my old brothers room, who was away, and when I took the paper to my hand after it had dried, it exploded instantly.. well it was very little pang.. Just scared me because of surprise.. and it felt like got hit by rubber string against fingers.. So Probably, even if I didn't spill half the liquid, it would probably not been enough to injury... but who knows, without any knowledge it's dangerous to experiment.

So anyways, perhaps it's better when people, especially kids, can rather buy safe, quality things legally from store, than they experiment by them selves.. Though I think some kids still experiment.. some because of stupidity(want to look cool) some because curiosity, but... well that's the human nature. Must just educate kids properly. ^_^

As young, I too waited New Year.. Even though, I didn't have gf whom to kiss and count down together.. I still waited for firework. ;)


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