Are countries comparable? This question came into my mind, today when I randomly watched a chat in the main room.
One of the members said that India and Sri Lanka have a lot in common.

One of the chatters wrote:
"In fact, Sri Lanka and India have many things in common
so it doesn't make any difference.
They have almost the same religion, region, climate, languages, and lifestyle."

I don't agree with this statement.
I have been to India and Sri Lanka. I know, they don't have much in common, except region and climate.

India and Sri Lanka, both became independent from the British Empire in the 20th century.
India in 1947 and Sri Lanka in 1948. (If I am not wrong!)
That is a common ground.

India's polity-form is the Federal Parliamentary Republic, but Sri Lanka is the Presidential Republic.
Indian has a caste system that Sri Lanka does not have.

The main Religion in India is Hinduism. In Sri Lanka is the Buddhism the main Religion.

The most spoken Indian language is Hindi. This language doesn't speak anyone in Sri Lanka, except Indians who work there.
The main Language in Sri Lanka is Sinhala, and this language doesn't speak anyone in India.
Tamil is the only language that people speak in Sri Lanka and India, though this language is not widespread in both countries. In India, about 6% of the population, in Sri Lanka about 18%.

We shouldn't throw all countries into the same pot just because they are from the same region of the world. That means we shouldn't assume those countries are similar or even the same.
I've been visiting several Asian countries, and always enjoyed the differences. Especially those differences make traveling exciting and educating.

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Comment by Rose Iris on Sunday

Hi, mia.

Unfortunately, you are right. Many countries are trying to copy others.
They should be proud of what they are and retain their identity. Our world needs diversity, not equality like a uniform. History, culture, society, traditions, and customs make us ... UNIQUE individuals and, on the whole, UNIQUE countries.

Thanks a lot for reading and commenting on my post.

Comment by mia on Sunday

Hiii.... I think that in the future everything will go global.I don't know how long it will take ,but will happen.Many countries are copying each other and in this way countries will distroy their systems ,traditions so on.Look at some countries copying american style......This is sad but true

Comment by Rose Iris on Friday

Dear Marshaa.

I thank you very much for your comment.

It makes me happy when somone likes what I write. It's the best appreciation. And if someone uses such nice words as you did, it's a double praise.

Thanks again.

Comment by Marshaa on Friday

Beautiful post. what a great comparative in your post, Like to read and I like to read you, as Mishaikh writting. you are really a very good lady. Salute you my dear Rose sister.

Comment by Rose Iris on Friday

Thanks, dear Fizzy for your agreement.

Comment by Rose Iris on Friday

Hello, Mishaikh.

I think you are right with the soft corners with each other.

Thanks for your understanding comment.

Comment by Rose Iris on Friday

Thanks a lot, dear Olga, for stopping by, reading and commenting on my post.

That's the advantage of being a member here. We always can learn something we had not known before.

Comment by Fizzy on Friday

true.. each country have their own specialty ^^

Comment by Mishaikh on Friday


A very good comparative analysis Rose. May be the chatters wanted to get the soft corners with each other.

Thanks for the elaboration. 

Comment by O. M. on Friday

Hi, Rose ))) Nice blog and deep observations. My comment on this will be pretty brief. I totally agree with you. Each country is unique even if it has a lot in common with others. 

Nice information about the two mentioned countries...I found a lot of interesting facts that I hadn't known before.

Thank you for sharing. )))

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